Date: 10th April 2010 at 12:37pm
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The 2015 Group are delighted to be given the opportunity to exit Stockport County from Administration, lay down some much needed foundations and provide a stable and successful future.

To realise our plans and hopes will not be an easy task.

We will need all the help we can get from all who are interested in the future of our Club and the Borough of Stockport.

Over the next few weeks we shall work extremely hard to put in place plans and activity that will meet the requirements of the Administration Process, Cheshire Sport and The Football League.

We wish to operate in an open and inclusive manner, but would ask that you respect the need for our focused attention on completing the purchase of the Club.

We understand the incredible frustration of poor and mis-communication, we will endeavour to report our progress only as and when we achieve such.

The Administrators are doing everything they can to ensure County continues as a going concern until our purchase has completed, but this is no simple matter.

We have offered a significant contribution to the current running costs, and we ask that the fans help us, please get down to Edgeley Park in great numbers for our remaining games, every penny helps.

You can also help us in the next few weeks by giving us your suggestions, thoughts etc about anything to do with the club.

Please e-mail

We can not promise to reply to all your comments, but we will value each and every one of them.

Your County needs you at this time. No contribution is too small.

Stockport deserves and needs a strong club that will give to the community something it can be proud of.

That is what we want to deliver.

Seán Connolly

On behalf of The 2015 Group

Brilliant. Brilliant stuff from the group – Ed.


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  • This statement alone has got me re-invigorated. Naturally like to see a bit more detail but I can see string ST sales next season regardless of whether JG returns.

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