Date: 17th April 2010 at 10:11pm
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County boss Gary Ablett believes that his side were culpable for the Leyton Orient defeat as a solid first-half display once was again undone with a poor second-half.

Second-half goals from Ryan Jarvis and defender Eric Lichaj saw off a sloppy County side, and Ablett was keen to drum into his team that we had once again shot ourselves in the foot.

‘We were doing do well for an hour, but it’s difficult to try and be positive, I don’t think its anything they’ve done – we’re culpable for both goals.’

‘Mentally the majority of them are very fragile at the moment, and that spreads throughout the team when something goes wrong.’

The 44-year-old was however pleased with youngster Sam Barnes’ debut after handing the Manchester United transfer target his chance in the side.

‘I thought Sam was superb all game, we kept the decision from him right up until kick-off so he didn’t have time to worry and fret about it. But he was brilliant, as was young Andy Halls who’s done superb since coming in to the side.’

There’s been no update on the Scouser’s position at the club from the 2015 Group though, according to Ablett.

‘There’s nothing happening on that front at the moment with us and them. We’re hoping someone will come in next week from the group and tell us what’s going on and whether we need to prepare for next season or not with the staff we already have here.

We’ll go out into the last three games to play with pride and to give our supporters something to shout about.’


5 Replies to “Ablett Blames Culpable County Again”

  • Here’s to you, Jimmy Gannon…I do feel for Ablett but the longer he goes in matches without reacting to pivotal moments and goals etc just makes me less and less sympathetic.

  • Great he played Barnes and Hall…both seemed to really have the makings..especially Hall..confidence and poise above his age, nice debut. congrats Hall on a stellar debut…
    …in a really bad match where yet again we choked. It is now past the point where the debate between how much of the endlesses losses stems from admin and the shackles or from gay abletts tactics…at this stage it doesn’t matter. We’re relegated…but for confidence, fans, money and hope to return we need a massive change – regardless of whether GA has been heroic in the face of a mess or if you think the complete opposite. Stockport can be great again – but sometimes the cloud attaches itself unfairly to a person in a terrible position. Sorry Gary, this one has. We need change.

  • Still not enirely convinced it would be fair to show GA the door and usher in JG. But GA does have a valid point in that someone from the 2015 group should have a brief chat with him and the players soon.

  • Agree phil, life is not fair and GA has been dealt an awful hand, but a compete change if the 2015 group get in is needed.

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