Date: 10th March 2010 at 9:05pm
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So, Thursday’s the day then. Again. It feels like we’ve been down this road so many times before but tomorrow could and probably will see an end to the whole sorry episode.

And in fact, it appears we haven’t actually been here before. I believe that the Melrose deal has never reached the Football League before as it was never agreed with the administrators – apart from the ‘exclusivity agreement’ in which Melrose put down the £200k or so non-refundable deposit.

So the hope is definitely there for tomorrow, and I really believe/hope that Melrose and his men can get us going again.

Obviously crowds have dwindled – maybe down the Maguire factor, almost definitely down to the ‘Gannon’ factor. And Melrose/Tatam/Horton will know that the only real solution to dwindling crowds is to win matches.

Brain Kennedy has been speaking out today anyway, on the possibility of a new stadium if his ‘beloved’ Sale Sharks are relegated, and what Stockport County means to the community. Aww.

‘County need to survive for the benefit of the community and I’m just glad that the current consortium look like they are going to deliver and we’ll do everything in our power to help them survive.”

“It would be very good to see Stockport County with stable owners with a long-term sustainable business plan and that is one thing that is of prime importance to me.”

Pressed on the idea of a new stadium if Sale were to drop down to the 2nd division – Rugby Union Premiership rules dictate that Edgeley Park would not suffice as a Premiership quality stadium with it’s low capacity for Sale to win promotion again – Kennedy had this to say.

“Long term, our undoubted preference is to develop what we have at Edgeley Park. We’re there, we like Stockport, and we think we can work with the powers that be to deliver some ambitious plans.”

Aw. Sporting philanthropy at it’s finest.

Meanwhile, County boss Gary Ablett has taken a more laid-back (some would say more sensible!) approach of not getting too excited before the take-over ‘business plan’ is presented to the Football League bods tomorrow.

Ablett said: “I’ve not spoken to Jim Melrose for a long time, but fingers crossed it goes through. It has to go before the Football League this week, and that`s where it’s broken down on previous occasions, so fingers crossed it happens for the two lads Kevin and Mick, because something needs to happen off the field to give the club a lift. We are running out of time. We’ve got to this stage before with the same consortium going before the Football League and it’s not worked out, so I’ll wait for that phone call to say its been accepted, and we can celebrate then.”

Make of it what you will!

Let’s see how it goes with the Melrose Consortium, and let’s all cross our fingers for tomorrow and wish our new owners the best of luck. Come on County.


5 Replies to “Ablett & Kennedy Braced For Another D-Day..”

  • Agreed Roger. Let’s hope today’s the day, though I can’t see any statement coming until Friday as the meetings aren’t until mid-afternoon on Thursdays. Come on County.

  • so hope this works out for you guys, what a totally awful time you’ve all had. Love Edgely Park, the football world wouldn’t be the same without a real team in the Manchester area!

  • (oh and yes, I know Stockport isn’t IN Manchester but you know what I mean, real fans real football)

  • Stockport is in Manchester (Greater Manchester that is)……..and yes I agree a ‘real’ team with real fans is always a good thing!

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