Date: 25th April 2010 at 12:16pm
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Gary Ablett struggled to find the words after his side completely disintegrated into nothingness as Huddersfield ran riot at Edgeley Park.

The Scouser questioned himself and his staff after Town sealed their place in the play-offs with a humiliating 6-0 win…

”We’ve said the same thing after every game for 4-6 weeks now and it’s not had the desired effect.’

‘The players don’t seem to be able to motivate themselves or each other and certainly the staff you would say have failed to motivate them as we haven’t had a level of performance that’s been acceptable.’

The fans that were left at Edgeley Park to see Huddersfield invade the pitch at the final whistle completely turned against the 44-year-old with chants of ‘Jimmy Gannon’s Blue ‘n’ White Army’ etcetera.

And I joined in. I knew it was wrong. But I couldn’t help it. Who can blame us?

Who can blame us for wanting the return of one of our greatest managers who shouldn’t have even been removed in the first place?

Who could blame us, as one of our greatest – if not the greatest – management teams we’ve ever had sat and watched on from the Main Stand as Huddersfield took the absolute p*ss out of one of the laziest, most disinterested County sides I’ve ever seen?

Ablett was pretty frank in his post-match interview to be fair, and it goes without saying that I feel for him, but he’s just not our man.

And the people have spoken.

Here’s to you, Jimmy Gannon.


3 Replies to “Ablett’s Reaction To Terriers Mauling”

  • Tough one this because realistically we were relegated before a ball was kicked this season (every bookie had us a favourites for the drop too). Ablett did quite well early in the season with some good results and out of the drop zone til October but it seems to me that the neverending saga of Melrose botched takeover and administration (with threat of liquidation increasing as it dragged on and on and on) has gradually sapped the life from the team.

    Is that Ablett’s fault? No. Could someone else done better in the circumstances? Possibly but it is hard to criticise Ablett and his team. Should Ablett be shown the door? Sadly for the good of the club, yes. We need a boost and we need it very soon. If Ablett returns to EP in charge of another team should we give him a warm wecome? Most definately Yes.

  • Depresseddan.

    Very well put. I just think it has got to the stage now where it isn’t even about whether or admin is to blame or ablett and i reckon it is 80 of one and 20 of the other frankly. But i do agree that Gary should be treated with courtesy and respect and the best thing that could help him in this regard is to execute a graceful and respectful exit soon and not be hanging around. That makes him look undignified and would not help future re-building. I am sure he has a career as a manager, but stockport in administration is a baptism by fire i wouldn’t wish on anyone. Clear the desk, dust himself off, get an assistant manager posn at a place that isn’t bankrupt…and he’ll move on.

    He was dealt a terrible hand and as a new manager i think it is totally unfair for other clubs or potential employers to judge him on stockport experience which is frankly nightmarish..that said – he has to go for the good of the club.

    Not sure i agree with you about it being hard to criticize the team – some on saturday just couldn’t give a rats ass and showed as much passion as a wet teatowel.

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