Date: 19th August 2007 at 5:44pm
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The first away day review of the season, looking at Chesterfield after yesterday’s clash with Stockport County.

Welcome to the first away day review of the season, all this article is is a general look at the club that we’ve just visited and the service it provides to fans.

So Chesterfield is the first club I’ll be looking at.

With the day being wet and windy its probably a disadvantage to Chesterfield, if it was boiling hot we probably wouldn’t mind being on the open terrace.

The first thing you’ll notice about Chesterfield is the over-zealous policing, for everybody. Doesn’t matter how old you are, what gender you are, who you are or anything. They try and collect you all up and stick you in one pub, so for big away followings like County it’s obviously a problem. This is something that would need to be looked at, if your bringing over a 1000 and fans are looking for a drink beforehand you don’t want 1000 fans in one pub.

So a tip for other clubs, try and get off the coach early and find a pub in the centre of Chesterfield!

We didn’t go into that pub so I wasn’t sure what it was like, we went into the Chesterfield snooker palace which was next to William Hills. This was top quality, the football was on, the pool tables were cheap (£1 for 1 hour! We had 6 games for 63p) and the food was nice.

Getting to the ground is a problem, give yourself plenty of time to do it and find a nice parking spot because there isn’t alot of parking around the ground unless your on a coach. There are numerous roundabouts in the town which makes you almost certain to get confused, we went the wrong way and it took us about ten minutes to locate the ground. You’ve got to go the long way round to be most effective, because some cleverclogs made the road around the ground a one-way street.

The ground is a very below-average League Two ground. The away seating area is wooden benches with bird poo all over them, the birds are nesting in the roof of the stand so thats quite off-putting. However this season we were stood up, it was cold, wet and windy. The food was expensive and the toilets were basically just a wall with no roof or anything.

One side of the ground is kind of updated with modern seating but the rest is very 1950’s style and it’s an awful ground.

The home fans were awfully quite. Occasionally they joined forces to sing the one obvious song but apart from that they rarely got behind their team unless they had a corner.

Finally the team played quite well, not many teams will go to Chesterfield this season and take many points. So for County to go and get a point was good.

So for Chesterfield, the first away day of the season.

Vital Stockport give them a below average rating of 4/10.


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  • Good point, but where do you draw the line between ‘proper football experience’ and just a rubbiah cheap ground with no facilities?

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