Date: 3rd June 2010 at 5:08pm
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Mightily frustrating for all concerned, but the Football League will not be able to sign off the Transfer this week, purely due to the fact that key personnel are out of the UK until late next week.

It isn’t just a case of signing a piece of paper by Fax/e-mail/Courier, we wish it was.

It is the actual Share Transfer, in effect; the group takes part ownership (1/72th) of The Football League and receives its allocated share of its Commercial benefits/activities.

As such, the Football League Executive must sign original papers, in person etc and let’s face it; so it should.

With this in mind, The 2015 Group simply cannot hold the Open Day planned for this coming Sunday.

Without everything in place the group would be acting without the proper mandate in place, and if last summer has taught us anything, you will all appreciate; we are not going down that route!

I know this is incredibly difficult, after the past 14 months it feels like another kick in the teeth, and it is, but it is only a delay, nothing more.

And please, however disappointed you are reading this, also spare a thought for the people who have been working tirelessly for the past 10 weeks to try and get it over the line.

There is nothing at all to be worried about, it is just a (another) delay; hopefully this will be the last!

If anything changes, we’ll let you know, but for now, we’ve just got to wait.



6 Replies to “Another Hold-Up For 2015 Group”

  • This is just not fair. Before we know it next season´s going to be upon us, Gary Ablett´s still waiting for the fateful decision, and Jim will have so little time to assemble a squad. And I´ve just wasted the last two days sat at my computer waiting to crack open the champagne.
    Seems to me the Football League are either (a) totally incompetent or (b) couldn´t care less about us. Or both.

  • Very very gutting but not all bad.If this is just a delay then its do-able and gonna have to grin and bare the wait!!! If anything this situation has made me alot more patient,all character building!
    I O County

  • Ooooooh gawd. Torture. Now, I don’t think for one minute there is a serious problem but there is some egg on the faces of the 2015 folk. A bit of a basic cock-up – promising things like the open day before (literally) the ink was dry on the contract. I bet 2015 are frustrated like hell and a bit red-faced. I’ll forgive them when the take over finally goes through though.

  • Spot on Calliope. we are just a side show to the Palace affair. Almost no time left to get up and running for next season. May affect my ST purchase unless we get a very decent manager in to take us forward!

  • Well here we are again – Tuesday of the the following week which promised so much and nothing to shout about. I really do now feel that the storm clouds are gathering over EP. How much time have we now got to prepare for next season – no signings! no pre season freindlies unless that is that Cheadle Town can fit us in, no cohesion and no club! I just hope that Mr Ablett or any other prospective manager was down at Old Trafford for the celebrity charity game on Sunday – Jamie Theakston looks promising as does Ricky Hatton – you know the die hard Man City fan from Manchester (born in Stepping Hill) boxer – say no more!! Where you from again Ricky??
    Dont wish to wee on anybodys fries here but its not looking goog is it?

  • Beggers belief that in this day and age that we cant get a simple signature, the red tape is crazy surely just a simple fax would have done to enable us to be given the go ahead to catch up the many weeks we are already behind in preparation for next season. Lets hope that there isnt another slight hitch at the last minute that no one yet is aware of. I sometimes wonder if the football league want us in the football league………so frustrating. Anyway good luck to the 2015 group. JJ

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