Date: 26th April 2010 at 5:36pm
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Of course, how stupid of us?! Our horrendous 6-0 thrashing at home to Huddersfield on Saturday has been perfectly summed up by boss Gary Ablett today.

Despite all the terrible performances, total lack of pride and effort, and the grand total of six goals we shipped, the true reason why we were so horrifically beaten has been outed by Ablett.

The microwave at the training ground broke. In fairness, Paul Gerrard did cough up to cover the cost of a new one, but how naive of us to not realise that the loss was down to no microwave!

‘The microwave blew up at the canteen the other day so Paul Gerrard bought a new one out of his own money and that’s where we are.’

‘It’s difficult to motivate players who can’t wait for the season to finish.’

And, of course, players who can’t use a microwave at the training ground. Poor guys.

The 44-year-old did admit that he decided not to berate his players after the completely abject showing, as it would be like ‘going over old ground completely.’

‘I didn’t say much in the dressing room because I would have been going over the same old ground, as we have been doing for the last two or three months.’

‘It’s difficult to know what to say and I’ve erred on the side of caution in case I said something I would have regretted.’

‘But if you can’t get the basics right you haven’t got a chance of being competitive in any game.’

‘You wouldn’t have thought we put three days of preparation in judging by the performance but you were looking at a team high on confidence playing against a team low on confidence and belief.’

‘It was thoroughly demoralising and disappointing.’


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  • i am sick to death of hearing about the goddam microwave. I swear, there are matches where we could have put a shirt on a broken microwave, placed, mr.squarepants on the pitch (aka blackpool sands) and had it score fewer own-goals than a couple of our defenders at considerably less cost. Not that i’m bitter at all. While we’re at it perhaps a broken washing machine as a striker on the edge of the penalty area – jesus, at some stage the ball – through the sheer logic of probability has a greater chance of bouncing off it and going in the net than we have have achieved over the last….i’ve lost count..endless series of humiliating defeats, with our paid professionals.

    Hilda Ogden
    corrie st. (philjxn)

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