Date: 27th December 2011 at 11:49am
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Starting Starting 11: Glennon, Edwards, Halls, O’Donnell (Rowe), Holden, Sheridan (Gritton), Piergianni, McConville (Cole), Elliott, Connor, Fraughan.

Stockport have now not scored a league goal in 481 minutes following a fourth successive away loss this season.

Stockport started the game well, after 7 minutes Ryan Fraughan who returned to the starting line up tested the Barrow team but the effort was not good enough to test the keeper.

After 18 minutes Fraughan played the ball into McConville who should have scored but the effort was seen wide of the post.

lennon was called into action late on in the second half with excellent saves made from Rutherford’s shot and Cook’s to follow.

Upon the 42nd minute the County defence was broken after Bakers corner was headed into the net by Bolland of Barrow.

HT: Barrow 1 County 0

Half time saw Jim make two changes with Rowe replacing O’Donnell and Cole replacing McConville as The Hatters searched for a goal.

In the depth of the game Fraughan had a shot well parried by the Barrow keeper and also minutes later Rowe missed the chance for the Hatters to equalise as his effort was saved.

FT: Barrow 1 County 0

ATT: 2,103 (258)

Possession: Barrow 51 : County 49

Shots on Target: Barrow 3 : County 6

Shots off Target: Barrow 4 : County 5

Corners: Barrow 5 : County 5

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10 Replies to “Barrow 1 Stockport 0”

  • Why oh Why keep playing that Elliott, He gets in all the right places on the pitch but has NO idea on how to put it in the net. If he had scored the amount of goals that he has missed we would be near the top of this league. Bring back Chadwick???? He seems to be playing well at the moment, perhaps he has now got his confidence back to play in the right frame of mind for this club. How can we possibly loan out a player that is scoring on a regular bassis and we finish up with a duck egg with no idea.

  • Agree MA ….I like Elliott I see him hard working and doing his best for us and theat can never in my opinion be a bad thing but he just isn’t good enough in front of goal. It’s not his fault that we signed him.
    We need a goalscorer but that’s easier said than done to achieve, Jimbo know’s what’s going on but the coffers are empty so I can see it just being the same week in week out, we really are in serious trouble unless Jim can get some players in….McConville in my opinion is a garbage footballer and Accrington must be laughing their socks off at us signing him.

  • Maybe it is one too many snowballs but this result was not a disaster. Are we seeing the beginning of the recovery? A goal-scorer is what we need up front but the defence is beginning to look a little better. Kettering above us may go pop, Darlo too sadly so we may get out of gaol and stay up that way. Barrow at home next, nil-nil all over it so for me it comes down to how much bargain basement wheeler-dealing Jim can do over the next 2 or 3 weeks. One win would make a world of difference. Still have some hope left.

  • I cant see it KC but admire your optimism… clearly the game is about scoring goals and I cannot see where ours are coming from, just hope Jimbo cam get someone in very very soon, I am so not looking forward to the game against Barrow but I never do look forward to the games anymore and if I hadn’t paid up front I question if I would even go…. never thought I would be saying that !!!!

  • Taking a Sunderland fan for his debut at EP. He will buy the scarf, he is bringing up his two kids as County fans and he has been warned that this is not about enjoyment at all – it is all about pain 90% of the time. He is a gritty soul and is prepared for a load of dross but just to be sure, as he is a cider fanatic, we will call in at Ye Olde Woolpack by the pyramid and fill him up with some of the many ciders on offer. The lengths you have to go to get someone to enjoy the football on offer nowadays!

  • I hope that you and the new County fan enjoy yourselves. Have a great day. But don’t forget cropped to switch those lights off before you leave!!!!!

  • County should have won this easily. We missed 4 great opportunities to score, which just highlights our desperate need for a couple of strikers. Chadwick is not the answer, yes he is doing well at Plymouth and has the backing of the fans. Why on earth would he want to come back here where he was continually slagged off. I have never known any player at any level that improves his game by being slagged off by fans. I have lived all over the UK and abroad for many years and supporters of the local teams when theyve found out I was a County fan have invariably come out with comments like “oh your the ones who chant for 90 minutes” or they remark how we get behind the team no matter what. Its unfortunate that booing and slagging has crept into our support.

  • To MA, the pain of going to watch County has turned me into the kind of person I did not understand – i.e. those who turn up half-cut for the kick-off ! I will try to enjoy it but also grab hold of a couple of mates who get to hear more of the ‘vibes’ than I do. Is it me or have YTYT gone quiet as well as the club board?

    To NE, encouraging you say we should have won. As for a striker, Chadwick has urinated on his chips with the Main Stand after foul-mouthing the fans which included kids during a couple of games at least. I personally never boo the players during the game and only rarely at full time. Silence says everything! We have got to give 100% support now more than ever but my goodness a goal-scorer would transform everything for us now. Can we unearth another Dicko?

  • YTYT have gone very quiet cropped, perhaps the calm before the storm. Nor Exiles who would you play at centre forward out of the present crop of players? Elliott is the one missing all the golden chances so I am sure Chadwick would be a better option. I realise what you are saying regarding his attitude but at the moment we need goals. No time to unearth another Dicko at present, it’s results we need with immediate effect.

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