Date: 18th October 2011 at 9:51am
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So, Bath City away. That is ‘bottom of the table Bath City’ boasting one win from their 8 home matches so far. That home win came 10 days ago when they beat Darlington 2-0. Since then they have suffered a 3-4 reverse at home to Cambridge and a 3-3 draw at Braintree. Plenty of goals and a match a couple of weeks ago I would have said County were going to win.

Now though, my confidence has been badly dented as I am sure the players confidence has as well. Following the horror show at Wrexham and the leaky defensive display at home to Darlo, what sort of County will turn up? I cannot find any news of players returning from injury but surely Didi will make changes from Saturday. I still feel that player for player we should be comfortable in mid-table and with a talented manager we should be pushing for a top 6 finish. The manager now needs to show his worth/talent/mettle as a defeat tonight would scare the pants off me, a draw I would classify as stopping the rot but no big celebration, and a victory… which would be victory number 3 out of 17 let us not forget… would be just the ticket.

So, PURE 107.8 FM for me again tonight. Well done those hardy County fans making the trip today. Can’t imagine we will take more than 100 but I bet they wil be heard.

Any predictions guys n gals? For the last time I am going to be optimistic and say we sneak a 1-0 win.

A&F folks.


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  • Cropped you are being the optimist as ussual. Problem with the team is not that it needs changing, but they need to play a different type of football. We can’t play the type of game that Didi is expecting to play in this league. Premiership football and all that goes with it will not succeed in the league that we are in.
    For me we need to play a 4-3-3 with a good target man that we can support up front. He also needs to stick to his best team for a number of matches all this changing doesn’t work in this league, better teams than us have tried and they are still here fighting to get out. All the backroom troubles shouldn’t affect the team if they were true proffesionals. Lets hope that they can win tonight but somehow I just can’t see it if he continues to play the way they have done. For me a 2-0 home win.

  • Trying hard to be optimistic, but it’s hard. If we lose this one then Didi will be packing his bags. Completely agree with MA, playing zonal marking in the Conference is simply a joke. Three up front (Donnelly/Vardy/Paterson) would be good!! Just can’t take to Chadwick, Elliott is too raw and German the greediest player I think I have seen. We need a strikeforce for this division. Mr Snape, get onto it before we drop even further.

  • Well, I find it hard to write a preview and finally predict a defeat. Seems to be somehow ‘disloyal’ – having said that I am at breaking point. I agree with the style of football comments – after what we have gone through in recent years I would not care if we just played 4-4-2 and lumped the ball up to two pieces of meat who spent 90 minutes kicking lumps out of oppo centre halves. We may have then been moaning about the style of play but we probably would be mid table and angst free. Back to tonight… surely there has to be one performance where things click or at least an opposition even more inept than us? I hope I do the match report tomorrow morning and not at half time like Wrexham!

  • Draws are no good from here on in they only cloud over problems
    and lead us to believe that we are finally turning the corner. If we don’t win tonight I think Didi should go. I for one am tired of people starting out on the road to Management at the cost of our once Great Football Club. We had plenty of draws when a Sammy Mc Illroy was in charge and look where that got us too, we need a Manager who will tighten up this Defence as we need to stop leaking Goals and require quality up front if we are to climb out of this League.

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