Date: 3rd June 2009 at 4:33pm
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Dominic Blizzard may be close to sealing a move to League One ‘rivals’ Huddersfield Town later this week.

Lee Clark is believed to be a big admirer of the former Watford midfielder, and with Blizzard out of contract and administrators running the rule over the club, Blizzard will not be staying on at County and now after weeks of speculation with clubs like MK Dons, Scunthorpe and Ipswich interested in ‘The Hoovers’ services, Huddersfield looks to be his likely destination.

The Terriers have also been linked with moves for Danny Pilkington and Oli Johnson in the past few weeks.

*Also, bookmakers have re-opened betting on Jim Gannon to become new manager of SPL side Hibs, after suspending the betting earlier this week. Betting on Gannon to become the new manager of Hibernian since betting has re-opened has been described as ‘very quiet.’

We can only hope.


14 Replies to “Blizzard To Huddersfield?”

  • Anthony’s brother, Tunnicliffe has chucked a transfer request in, if no-one buys the club before the end of June I think its going to be the end…

  • Orite lads am huddersfield are any of these players town are interested in any good : Blizzard , Johnson, Tunicliffe

  • Browny… as FRM says the three you mention are all capable or will be capable very soon of playing in the championship. At my wits end with all this.

  • I think were totally doomed, cropped. No invester is going to want to touch us, no assetts, most of the squad gone, no gaffer, its gunna take a good few million to sort this out + whose to blame? As nobody has come forward!!!! Who suffers the most? the fans + were all completely in the dark!!!!

  • FRM… I am feeling just the same and not just me, at least seven of my season ticket buddies are also feeling like it too. Brian Kennedy holds all the cards here. He can wait and bully any consortium if we are to play at EP next season. The day Jimbo is employed by another club may be round the corner…… when that happens I may give up all hope.

  • Could mean i’ve got to go and watch the Donkey lashers at Bloomfield Road next season as there half a ground is just down the road, have you enquired about a refund for your season ticket or havent you purshased one yet??
    I think MM has played a major part in dropping us in this mess. As for Mr Kennedy i dont trust him..

  • Not bought ST yet. MM… I don’t want to think bad about him but…… not looking good is it. If no County I don’t know what I would do. If it comes to (God forbid) an AFC Stockport starting up I would support it I suppose.

    As for Blackpool… I’d rather walk out to sea and never come back!

  • Lol I would never be a fan just go along to watch a game now + then,but maybe thats the only way forward realistically an FC Stockport, but would Mr Elwood + the council back this????

  • Pretty sure any AFC Stockport would have no backers early on. Playing at Woodley or Cheadle Town in the NW Counties league I guess. Crowds of a few hundred…….. don’t go there!

  • Right, well Blizzards gone lads. Free agent now, so no money for us whatever happens.

  • Bloody shambles. Christ…. get on with it those who can shape our future. We are getting less attractive by the day (much like myself!)

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