Date: 29th March 2008 at 11:41pm
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‘Give us a call if the game is postponed’ My father joked. That was when he was leaving the house at 10am this morning, I had only just got back in and was meeting him at 12. I didn’t need to call him when I was stood next to him at 4:20 when referee Iain Williamson announced himself as the biggest idiot in Wales/England.

Yep. He postponed the game. 65 minutes in. 0-0 was the score. The pitch was in the best condition it had been all afternoon and he took it upon himself to call off the came.

Result = 2500 mad fans (though according to Chester it was only 1997).

The whole afternoon was a farce. We got to the ground at 2:30. There are FOUR TURNSTILES. THAT IS FOUR. FOUR. FOUR. FOUR. A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL CLUB. A 5000 SEATER GROUND. FOUR TURNSTILES FOR 2000 FANS!

Then after about 20 minutes (cause my Dad didn’t get in on time like I did) the turnstile operators started letting people in for £5. Adults for £5, when myself, a student, paid £11.

So, the allocation for Stockport County was 2042. At 3:30, 200 County fans were marched around the edge of the pitch – WHILST THE GAME WAS PLAYING!

It raised the atmosphere in the County fans, but why were the County fans moved if we hadn’t filled all the seats? Explain that one Mr Vaughan? By my calculations, there were 45 empty seats, so why did you move 200 County fans into the home end and have to make room for them?

The game was getting sloppy though. Liturally. The ball was holding up, but at half time the groundsmen did some terrific work. The County players were passing the ball quickly to each other as the referee carried out an inspection, it was obvious that the referee wanted to get to a pub (not in Chester) and watch the referees assocations favourite team, Manchester United.

However it appeared that after a chat between County assistant manager Peter Ward, and a representative from Chester, and some great work from the Chester ground staff, that the game would continue.

On one occasion the referee ran over to the fourth official as rain started to come down, but the main area of the pitch was fine. The fourth official approached Jim Gannon and the Chester manager and the game continued.

However after 65 minutes the referee ran over and stopped the game. The players went mad, Chester and County fans united in songs of ‘you don’t know what your doing’ and ‘the referees a w*****’.

Jim Gannon sent the players on a lap of three sides of the ground to applaud the County fans, and the County fans remained stood. Not to be moved. Slowly people moved as arguments with stewards were getting nowhere, proving that stewards do have an IQ of less than 1.

However my steward (promptly named number 13, referring to the number on his top as he wouldn’t answer my questions) was remaining stum. Nothing. Not a word. He stood. Didn’t answer me. So that’s what me, and a five others did. Stood. The whole ground cleared. We were still stood, more stewards started to approach and help us out. But we were getting nowhere, no proof that we were in the ground. Eventually it took 15 stewards to remove three of us from the ground, when we just wanted a simple answer. When they tried to radio the head steward he wasn’t answering. When asked which one was the head steward, number 13 replied ‘the one in the orange coat’. Cheers mate. You’ll also find that numbers 1-40 were in orange coats.

So outside the ground we go, pictures to prove we were in the ground and round to the ticket office on the advice of number 12 and 14.

We approach the ticket office, the coaches remain stood. Not moving, they aren’t going to go when the majority of the coachees are stood outside the ticket office complaining. I’d say about 200 remained, singing songs ‘we shall not be moved’ ‘we want our money back’. I just wanted a clear answer. Would I get in for free? How would I prove I was here?

The Stockport County manager director, Mark Maguire, came out. Still nothing from Chester City. The police didn’t know what to do. The County players were leaving and happily signing autographs and having pictures, they were watching the County fans.

Maguire said something. I couldn’t hear it because I was so far back, but the initial reaction was of boo’s and more chants. Nobody was moving. The County chairman came out, and finally we were moving somewhere. However where were Chester? County staff came out, County people were writing down peoples names. It was so amateurish that it worked. People started to move, the crowds cleared. At least people thought they were getting free tickets.

That was the last of it. We were off. Chester City could have had a big big pay day. Instead they now have to cover the costs of two games. All because of Mr Iain Williamson. Fool.