Date: 13th December 2011 at 5:29pm
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Stockport County today have confirmed the signing of Defensive player Joe Connor.

Joe is son of former County player Jack Connor.

Connor can play at centre back or play a defensive midfielder part. County have signed Connor on ‘non-contract terms’ meaning the player can leave whenever he wants.

Joe Connor is a 25 year old who has made a name for himself in the USA making 26 appearances for Charlotte Eagles and 3 appearances for Fort Wayne Fever.

The tall defender at 6’1′ will hopefully show some strength in the defensive third, this especially after injuries to Carl Piergianni and Nabil Brahim-Bounab.

Joe Connor will hopefully be able to make a appearance on Saturday for the visit of Alfreton Town to make a impact to Stockport’s season.

Animo Et Fide.


8 Replies to “Christmas Has Come Early With A New Signing…”

  • Not too sure what to make of this signing. A bit left-field but as the previous article said … In Jim we trust. A few clean sheets will be just the tonic.

  • For those of you clearly far too young to remember, Jack Connor was a legend in the late fifties, early sixties if my memory serves me correctly. 30 goals in a season and that hasn’t happened too often at County! I can’t believe Joe Connor is Jack’s son unless, of course, he took up parenting long after he hung up his boots.

    On a more up to date note, I am saddened by how low things have sunk. I suspect that there are many of you regular faithful who wished you lived as far away from Stockport as I do. I read your comments avidly – the only way to keep up now we are so low that no-one reports our games. I don’t think I have ever read so many uniformly damning comments as after the 0-7 defeat. Things must be bad. I was amused to read an article in the Times recently describing what the Europa League will be like for Utd and City – it seems they use two jerseys for goalposts! isn’t that what happens in Blue Square North?!

    Ah well! In Jim we trust! We have to have some sort of hope to cling to.

  • Well lets hope that this is one of those totally out of the blue ‘who is he’ signings that works out – he cannot be as bad as what is currently on offer! Welcome young Joe and Mr Gannon’s first proper signing you have a lot on your shoulders!

  • I’ve just checked the club website history section and it appears my memory is not far out – Jack *****or is the club’s record aggregate goalscorer with 132 goals in 5 seasons from 1951-56. Oh happy days! However, the article at the top has one small inaccuracy – Joe is the grandson of Jack Connor and not the son. Joe’s father was Jim Connor who made two appearances for county in the 1978/79 season. Let us hope that Joe is a chip off grandad’s block!

  • CountyFanInfrance – thanks for the illuminating comments and welcome to the site. I think as County fans all we have now are some happy memories, current week to week misery, worries about the future but most of all we have US. Sticking together across Stockport and beyond via the internet seem so important these days!
    Welcome again CFIF (as you may become known!)

  • Welcome CountyfanInFrance nice to have another new face on board, good info about the Connor clan, as you say let’s hope he’s as good as his grandad. Cropped think we’ll have to do better with our new colleagues nickname, CFIF??? sounds like a certain kitchen cleaner. 3 points Saturday?

  • Thanks for the welcome Cropped and Vicman. I am not entirely new – I did have a brief burst earlier in the season when we were all full of optimism – or at least we thought we were full of optimism! I seem to remenber that my memories of cup glory prompted several responses including one from someone who recalled bacon and eggs off a coal shovel in Edgeley sheds after the match – brilliant!

  • Bacon and eggs of a coal shovel at Edgeley shed. Yes! How could I forget. Seems you have raised the bar with two “Welcome to the sites”! As for optimism, all I can think is that Jim Gannon will turn it around at some stage and I think we will just escape yet another relegation.

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