Date: 2nd November 2010 at 11:55pm
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I don’t know what to say. Well, ten goals in two games. That should say it all. Standing on an open terrace watching us make an average League Two side look like world-beaters. That should say it all.

Stockport County Football Club. At the moment, very sadly, that should also say it all.

I’m just back from Morecambe after a horrendous journey back, soaking wet after standing for over 90 minutes in the torrential rain watching the pile of crap served up by the County side once again. So I’m going to take this opportunity to cop out of writing a ‘proper’ match report until the morning, and instead leave you with a post I made over on the old Yellowboard a few minutes ago.

First of all, (for no reason other than because it will make me feel a slight better) the referee was an absolute joke. As per. We were right behind the dugout, and Sammy Mac was stood shaking his head and patting Simpson on the shoulder at the red card and penalty. Complete joke to say he should be fined for deliberate handball when the lad’s stood there showing his shirt with a full, dirt/football print bang in the middle of it. Ruined the game, although the performance from then on cannot be put down to anything other than the players.

Just woeful. For about ten minutes after their first goal, we created a few chances. Donnelly missed a one-on-one, Williams blasted a free-kick over the bar, plus a few more. After that, we were complete garbage. There were massive holes at the back every time Morecambe came forward, defenders were continually being put on their arses by average wingers. Assoumani looks to be on his own personal crusade to see how many mistakes he can make in the space of a week.

Set-pieces were the worst. Literally every set-piece for Morecambe, without exaggeration, looked like it would result in a goal. Glennon was going ballistic, we could see the goals coming a mile off and when you see them on TV you will see what I mean.

The basics – non-existent. Nothing to do with the conditions (the game should have been abandoned by the way but Morecambe were still able to string a pass or two together.) I lost count the number of times a simple pass to a team-mate went to an opponent, just through laziness, lack of concentration.

Glennon had no chance with any of the goals really although he looked to be flapping at the 3rd a bit, not sure. Assoumani and Rose were comical yet again, to me to you, to me to you, oh it’s gone in. Williams and Lynch were getting forward all night and not tracking back. It’s naive. We’ve got ten men, rightly or wrongly, you don’t go gung-ho when you’re fully aware you’ve got no cover.

Pulis is as weak as Tansey and/or Vincent. Turnbull ran all night and was shouting orders all night to the team but then not going through with them himself. Donnelly was up top on his own, ran his balls off without help, had a few long-range efforts. Missed a glorious chance to equalise but the ball got stuck in the water.

Salem looks like the next Ali Dia. Maybe he is Ali Dia. Headless chicken. It’s all negative because there was no positives. There was a round of boos at the full-time whistle but Simpson sent the players off down the tunnel and went over to the fans to take the flak/applaud us. Have to say Griffin as man of the match again, but AGAIN the best of a bad bunch. I really don’t see where our next point is coming from, because we’re making average/mediocre sides look like world-beaters. I feel for Simpson because we set out 4-5-1 from the start, and almost straight away his game-plan was ruined. But still, there was a televised match last night where the away side completely bossed the game with nine men, we should still have enough about us to make a fist of it.

About 250/300 fans there, in good voice all night. Stupid again to be singing ‘Jimmy Gannon’s Blue ‘n’ White Army..’ etc. Good atmosphere though.


And ‘meh’ sums it up. The whole thing.

I can’t be bothered. And for the first time since, well…ever…I’m considering not going on Saturday.

Massive ‘meh.’

Goodnight fellow tortured SCFC souls.


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  • I didn’t go to the game as I will not use my hard earned money to pay for the garbage we are turning out, I have not as yet purchesed tickets for the FA Cup game on Sat and dont know if I will, I cant convey the diappointment I feel at seeing our famous fantastic club become whipping boys for nothing teams like Hereford, Morcambe and the like, we truly are a disgrace and are on a journey to the conference at rapid speed and probably our fate will be sealed long before the end of the season if we do not bring some quality players in, throughout our team we are so very very poor and lacking in desire and quality, Pullis is as bad as Tansey…..I dont think I have fealt so disappointed since the 6-0 drubbing we took at Macclesfield.

  • I think I am going to say ‘meh’ as well. I assume it means ‘pffft’ or maybe even ‘sheesh’.

    I went. It was not as bad as Hereford, so there is some improvement there. OK I am being sarcastic. Serious problems now picking the players up off the floor. Thats if they want to be picked up off the floor. Too many sub standard players who also cant be arsed. A word about Adam Griffin. Cannot fault Griff and he deserves his place. Er.. thats it. Investment is needed NOW or we will fall out of the league. No ifs, buts or maybes. Failure to invest now will league us to be playing Alti next season. Fans share issue in tandem with additional investors? Anyone heard about the possible second coming of Sean Connolly? I have faith in Mr Connolly. I wonder if it signifies anything else?

  • Simmo take them down the local park Sunday morning + show them lads giving it there all, i havent been this season nor do i intend to. We should have been wound up to start afresh instead of putting up with the same dross as last season…CRAP!!!!!

  • Cant say I blame you FRM. I thought we were progressing but now I am unsure again. No time to p*ss around now. Its do or die. We cannot drop into the Conference. Giving Saturday a miss. Just cant stomach it. If that makes me fair weather then so bit it. My season ticket this season seems more like a bloody sentance.

  • I have been watching my beloved County since 1960. In the days when we had to ask other teams to vote for us to stay in the league. A lot of managers and players have passed through the club, some good, some very good but also a lot bad and very bad ones. The present set-up I would say is one of the worst since those days. No guts to stand up and be counted not only for the club but not even for playing for their own pride. That tells me within the club things are not right. I don’t know if this is the present manager and the coaching staff or within the 2015 group that have taken over. I don’t believe that they didn’t have all the facts when they took over. If I go shopping I know exactly what I need to buy. If I havent got enough money to purchase what I need, then I will go without. I know in hind site it is easy, but the club should never have been taken over if they knew all the facts. So lets hear from the board to see where they need help. I am not talking about money but what ever is required within the club to make it run smoothly, efectively and on a professional basis. We the fans seem to be second class fans as far as the board are concerned. What happened to all the openess that they were going to bring to the club to keep all fans involved and informed?
    Going back to the shop, If I was working in a shop and didn’t perform as my contract then I would be sacked without question. Why are these players that are not performing still within the club? Sack them and save the club some money. And then bring QUALITY into the club. As I have said in a previous article, I would rather have 15 quality players in the club than have 25 players that are not worth the money that they are being paid.
    And Kid, you are right, I have said it many times Investment is needed and now, if that means the club getting into debt for 12 months then so be it. I am sure that if they will spent some decent money on a few quality players the crowds would come to the games which in turn would bring a bigger slice of revenue into the club. With regards to Alti, there is nothing wrong with them they could also be a decent side, but this is not where I would want my beloved County to be playing.

  • MA, what a brilliant post. You know, after the Hereford game a group of us sloped off the the Florist and stayed there a fair while, disecting County. I heard a few unsettling things. OK usual health warning it is heresay but the vibes were there is a lack of harmony on the pitch. Players are getting annoyed with each other and generally the spirit has all but gone. (This was before Morecambe!). Behind the scenes there are rumoured to be splits in the group making up 2015. This is the perfect cocktail for disaster.

    It is generally assumed there is no money at all now, and if Simpson is not able to cobble together a fighting spirit amongst the players we are certainties for the drop.

    The current squad is very poor but we are only looking for two sides worse than us. The manage has to make tings gell but he needs help. I wonder what any split in the board could mean? Sean Connolly… why did he go and why was it left unannounced for weeks? Is he coming back now? As fans we ARE being kept in the dark. We need a new share issue. We need Plikington from Hudds to club X giving us say £150K cut. We need Sean Connolly and new Irish investment perhaps as well. The time is now. This is the time to panic.

    I can clearly see the edge of the cliff now and I cannot see us turning back without fresh investment and ideas. As ever massive thanks to those in the 2015 group for keeping us alive but perhaps already it is time for them to go cap in hand and seek outside help.

    If we go down we will be there a while. The economy may not allow us to do a Doncaster with a new ground, new revenue streams etc and to bounce back as a bigger beast. Nowt wrong with Alti as you say but my heart will be broken watching us play the likes of Histon on a wet night at Edgeley Park in front of 1500 fans.

  • The doom and gloom amongst these messages are reflrected on the pitch and go right to the heart of the board. Like a mug I have just purchased my ticket for Sat but whist waiting for the ticket to come out of the machine I could’t help feel I was throwing my money away, I know its the FA Cup and it throws up upsets every year but those upsets come from teams who have a dsire to leave it all out on the pitch whereas we do not appear to have any desire at all.

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