Date: 22nd June 2010 at 2:19pm
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New CEO of County Sean Connolly says an appointment as the new manager at EP will be made in ‘the next day or two’ after three days of an interviewing process.

Jim Gannon is still the white-hot favourite for the job, and as 200 or so County fans chanted his name at the Open Day on Sunday, the new owners are under no illusions as to who we want as new boss.

But we understand that while Gannon is the 2015 Group’s preferred choice, Jim Gannon may be unable to take the post JUST yet due to personal reasons. Of course, a deal could still have been sorted but there are rumours of a number of other options.

For example, Peter Ward as caretaker manager until Gannon sees fit to return. Gannon as Director of Football has been bandied around a lot, with Peter Ward and Tony Hancock in situ.

I must stress that the above are simply rumours. It may be Gannon regardless, or it may not even be Gannon/Ward/Lord at all. Yesterday, apparent applicant Simon Davey joined Hereford as their new boss.

Anyway, Connolly is hopeful that an appointment will be made tomorrow.

‘We are getting closer and are piling through the applications.’

‘Time is not on our side as the players are due back for pre-season training next week, but we hope to name a new manager in the next day or two.’

The Irishman, along with chairman Alwin Thompson, admitted that Gannon was named by the board in ‘a shortlist of serious candidates.’


7 Replies to “Connolly Hopeful Of Gaffer Appointment Tomorrow”

  • This is great news along with the fact that i saw Jim Gannon at Edgeley Library today on the phone..

  • Glad when this whole Jims in, Jims out thing is resolved. Driving me crackers.
    I had heard Jim was in Ireland as his dad is very poorly. Hope his dad is fine and Jim was indeed in Edgeley Library on the phone to Liam Dickenson!

  • Don’t be silly Roger…you know as well as we do, we love it! Such a difference to be squabbling about new managers and players rather than about our club going out of business! Get well soon Mr Gannon obviously.

  • Is Jim in Stockport or not? slightly confused, best wishes to Mr
    Gannon Snr for a speedy recovery

  • I am with Rog. My nerves can’t take it. I have had to start on blood presure tablets in the last few months and don’t tell me that has not got anything to do with County. Just sign the paper Jim, come back when your father (?) is better and lets bump into each other in Cobdens at the end of this season and celebrate a season of recovery. The bottle of Champers is on me.

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