Date: 13th January 2016 at 3:41pm
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In view of the rather rapid overnight developments regarding the position of Manager of Stockport County FC, the Board of the Supporters Cooperative, felt it was urgently incumbent on us to make representations to the County Board on the subject.

This is the statement sent to the Club minutes ago……

Statement From the Board of Stockport County Supporters’ Co-operative.

The co-op board note the resignation of County Manager Neil Young.

We would like to place on record our thanks for all the hard work and effort which Neil put into his job, and to share our regret that it did not meet with greater success.

We believe that Neil has done the decent thing in walking away from what was becoming an increasingly untenable situation.

Our club has, since leaving administration, experienced confusion and uncertainty both on and off the pitch.

We have employed a bewildering series of managers in that period and our performance as a team has suffered as a result.

Now that efforts to stabilise the situation off the pitch seem to be moving in the right direction, it is vital that our club secures the means to ensure stability on the pitch.

We urge the Directors of Stockport County, when considering the appointment of a new manager, to avoid any short-term fixes but, to make a priority of the securing a sustainable, steady, long-term future for our football team.

We are sure that if the right appointment is made, and a new manager comes in who has an ongoing commitment to building a team which will get us back where we belong, they will have the 100% backing of our magnificent and loyal supporters.

Stockport County Supporters Cooperative.


4 Replies to “Coop Statement on Young’s Resignation”

  • to avoid any short-term fixes but, to make a priority of the securing a sustainable, steady, long-term future for our football team.

    Hear! Hear! Let’s start producing our own young players. Let’s become THE place in the North West known for the development of future league calibre players.

    Let’s get a manager and management team who have a track record of spotting raw talent and bringing them through the ranks.

    Anyone got any ideas of who would fit such a bill? 😉

  • You know my view ……. but whoever it is MUST have the support of the Board and the fans to enable him or her to develop a side.

  • I would endorse both of these views. There is no future in continually bringing in other clubs cast offs on loan. The club must start to develop its own young players and build again from the bottom up.

  • Agree LGC and Somerset – even though one season in Division 6 is one too many I would tolerate this league for a couple of years if we see a gradual build up of young local talent in the side. Agree we need the board backing this strategy for the future. Will there be enough of us with that kind of patience though?

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