Date: 25th January 2012 at 4:41pm
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Rumour has it that Stockport County are set to release Matt Glennon on a free transfer later this week in a cost saving exercise by manager Jim Gannon.

Glennon to me has personally been on of the better players this season keeping County in the game so many times through making super saves.

Please let me state this is only a rumour and not confirmed, but as Jim mentions of a new striker and Glennon being the highest paid player at the club could it be true?

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Animo Et Fide.


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  • Glennon does the job between the sticks, however we need someone to put the ball in net to win games, would look at releasing elliot rather than glennon mind, is a catch 22 situation.

  • But at least if we get rid of glennon buy a striker also we can get a goalkeeper on emergency loan if needed if use our quota of loan players up in a season

  • Perhaps Jim has got his eye on another younger Goalkeeper to replace Glennon. For me he’s has been a decent goalkeeper but has also made may mistakes that has cost us games. As davescfc1 says we can also use the loan system like Jim has done before while we were in the league.

  • Sad to see Glennon go but I can understand what Davescfc1 and MA are saying. Stockport born and bred. If it is Glennon I hope he remembers his time here with fondness.

  • Matt has done a job for us over the years but as MA said he has also cost us games. Sad to see him go (if true) but time marches on. If he is the highest paid player on the books I can see JG’s thinking. The young feller’s not done a bad job between the sticks, it’s the totally inapt defense that has let us down on many, many occasions.
    On the subject of a new striker, anybody remember Pistol Pete, farmed him out across the water a couple of seasons ago well apparently he’s scoring for the fun of it just now, could help us out for the rest of the season if available. Mentioned this in the forum headed “Is Jim Watching”.
    On a final note, whilst listening to the Telford game on Pure it became apparent that somebody behind Jim decided to give him dog’s abuse over his team selection when we went 2-0 down. As-much as I believe in free speech I would like to ask the person concerned “here’s the keys mouth, you get on with it” I was also a little worried with Jim’s reaction. The guy’s got enough pressure as it is without Know-alls shouting obscenities. Anyone witness this at the game and care to re-iterate. Bet he wasn’t gobbing off at 2-2.

  • Would be very, very disappointed if Glennon were to be sacrificed. Not just our best player of the last couple of season he has also saved us on so many occasions and is a nice fella to boot! I for one hope he stays, he should be our number one keeper.

  • We sit behind Jim and there are guys mouthing loudly to Jim about Elliott… Jim know’s Tom Elliott is struggling as we all can see , personally I feel for the guy he is doing his best but it isn’t happening for him right now, it’s pointless getting on his back as that just is not going to help thouggh it is frustrating I agree.
    We need a goalscorer for sure though.

  • I’m right behind you edgeley on the Elliott thing. No player in the world who’s struggling improves by being singled out and slagged off by the crowd, if anything it has an adverse effect. I dont rate the guy but while he is here at EP he needs as much encouragement as poss and then maybe we will get the odd goal out of him until such times that he is replaced.

  • Glennon might be a nic guy and a shot stopper but he’s not that good, if the ball is waist height or above fine. He stay’s on his line for corners then comes too far off his line when he should stay back. County over the years have had some great goalkeepers but Glennon is no Paul Jones, Alan Ogley Ken Mulhearn or John Ruddy. I have not seen Clubs queueing up to bid for Glennon, I do think we can do better and sometimes the position that we are in clouds our judgements. I wish Glennon well but believe that our young keeper will turn out to be a very good un with Jims guidance. What we reall need is an out and out Striker.

  • I like Glennon – I think if it wasn’t for him in the early part of the season, all those drawn games we could have lost if it wasn’t for him. The real slide started (what I mean here is when our draws turned into losses) was when Glennon got injured and we brought that joke excuse of a goalkeeper in (I’ve even forgotten his name). I’d be suprised if we let a goalkeeper leave, we’d be allowed to sign an emergency one on loan – I thought this only applied to when ‘keepers got injured.

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