Date: 22nd April 2007 at 9:19am
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This is just my opinion of the game, a full match report will follow at a later stage of the day. Have any thoughts on the game? E-mail them in or leave a comment at the bottom.

Yesterday’s performance was much much better. We passed the ball along the floor and we played well – but the tactics were still confusing.

Proudlock is isolated at wide right. How is he supposed to have an effect on the game there? People had a go at him for cutting inside but he is NOT a winger. David Poole is in the team but plays behind Elding? Why not just swap Proudlock and Poole around and put Poole (the winger) on the wing.

Jason Taylor at right back, how is he supposed to have an effect on the game when he is a central midfielder? The only positive is that we had somebody who could pass the ball on the floor at the back, but he could do nothing. He was caught out of position a gazillion times and he was getting run raged by their left winger.

We’ve had a central midfielder at right back. A left winger at left back. A striker on the right wing. A striker on the left wing. A right winger in the centre of midfield.

I don’t mind Jim moving players around once he has got the backbone of the team. Taylor has been player of the season and through the middle of the park we should have gone with Williams Owen, Taylor Tansey, Elding Proudlock. Then put the fullbacks and wingers in the team and built around them.

Tansey was the only real positive to come out of the game. He never stopped looking for the ball and he always made himself available to the wingers and to the defence for the pass. He had composure and he can pick out a pass. He took some great set pieces and was very unlucky to hit the bar.

Tommy Rowe also, he put some great crosses in and played quite well when he came on. That performance will certainly do him no harm for the future and could give us a proper left winger to use next weekend.

Joe Lewis, I’m sorry but he isn’t an improvement on James Spencer. I spoke to Spencer before the game yesterday and he said he went over on his ankle on Friday which was why he wasn’t on the bench. Lewis made the wrong decision on a lot of occasions and I’d say he was at fault for both goals. The second one went right through him.

Elding can’t play upfront on his own. People might slag off Tes but we need somebody up with Elding who can take some of the workload. Le Fondre isn’t that man. Le Fondre came on and did absolutely nothing. The fans think he is some saviour but he isn’t, the only thing he has on his mind is a summer move to Rochdale I think.

Moving onto the club and the fans attitude at the moment is somewhat confusing. Your not allowed to have a go at the team or the trust without being called a w*nker or something along those lines. It seems the attitude of a few fans is settle for what you’ve got, we didn’t expect it at the beginning of the season. But we’ve shown we can do it which is why people get annoyed. Okay some people (if they did, I didn’t hear them) shouldn’t have booed yesterday but its very frustrating. The trust is a democracy and therefore people should be free to have an opinion without being slagged off left, right and centre. Its the same with the team, a lot of the fans think everybody should be 100% pro trust, pro County and 100% positive – but some people are more realistic and aren’t machines who are programmed to be 100% trust, County & positive like some people want unfortunately. The trust aren’t perfect, of course they never will be, but people are allowed an opinion – and I’m not saying I’m anti trust here, but its a democracy and you can’t go round branding people w*nkers just because they don’t agree with you.

Bury’s result at Walsall yesterday was very good, its not going to be easy like people think next week. If we finish 8th we’ll have messed it up and thrown in away and I’ll be very very disappointed that it has been allowed to happen. Its in the players own hands though, and if Macclesfield can beat Bristol Rovers and we beat Bury then we’re in the play-offs with nothing to worry about. It’s not simple though and I think we’ll get a draw next week. We need to try and move back into 6th, MK Dons is very tough and we aren’t clever enough to beat them over two legs.


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  • I was praying for an equaliser goal for you – we’d have been promoted then. still best of luck in the run in.

  • Got to beat Bury next weekend and get something from Darlington, we need to hope that Shrewsbury don’t do very well so we can overtake them, would much prefer Lincoln than MK Dons or Shrewsbury because those two teams have done the double over us and Lincoln aren’t in great form

  • You are right about the slagging off etc, everybody is entitled to their own opinion be it right or wrong, the problem is not with having an opinion but using a media open to the world to state it, opinions are better kept within your own private group of friends and not imposing them upon others, some people for instance would read this column like they would read a newspaper and we all know that the only thing to believe that is printed in a newspaper is the date on the front page.

  • I think we’d have got a draw or a win if we’d had a proper right-back in that position, no disrespect to Taylor he’s been my player of the season but he’s a midfielder also, Poole should’ve played down the right and put Proudlock as centre-forward with Elding, Proudloc went back every time he got the ball in a decent crossing position, he didn’t seem to want to cross it, but he’s not a winger

  • Tom. Totally agree. Jimbo certainly mixes it about a bit. No need for quite such a wierd team on Saturday and if he had done as you have said I reckon a point was ours at least. Hopefully Jimbo will learn from such extreme tinkering. Sure we have injuries / suspensions but if we can see the solution…..?

  • You need to remember that Jimbo and Wardy watch the players in training too, so have a much better idea of which positions they can play over and above what we see them playing. We’re in a mess at present, but I still reckon we can take the points against Bury and finish in the playoffs.

    We’ll have a better idea Tuesday night though. Never though I’d ever say this but Come On You Silkmen!! 😉

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