Date: 17th March 2013 at 11:56am
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At 3 o,clock a surprisingly healthy gate of 3250 were inside Edgeley Park. By 4.15 pm there were only half left. Droves of County fans either heading for the pubs of Castle Street or heading home for an early tea.

I try where I can to be positive. (Part time) Braintree with games in hand should finish above half way. They are not a bad team and they are on a good run (four straight wins). County, let’s be honest, are a poor side and have been throughout the season. I had predicted a draw but nobody should be too shocked at this defeat as they read their Sunday paper.

So why the exodus after the third goal? Well, the performance was poor and as some had voiced, debuting four new players was as likely set us back as drive us forward. But it is more than that. After these recent years of setback, humiliation and dross it feels to me that better fans than I have finally had enough. Called it a day. Turned their back on the club.

There are those who say the manager isn’t picking the side but it is this years owner (Mr Fearn) who decides. There are those who say there is no real interest in the footballing side (apart from balancing the books) and the name of the game is the ‘property deal’. There are those that say they no longer feel connected to the club, that it is no longer their club.

Wikipedia’s definition of ‘The Straw That broke the camel’s back’ is ‘when something is deemed to be the last in a line of unacceptable occurrences’. Could that have been the penalty on 60 mins for their third? Raised voices in the Main Stand at full time directed at those currently in control ( I bet the Pop Side is opened up in double quick time!).

So, looking forward – County (three points above the drop zone if you are brave enough to look) are at Luton this Tuesday. Then host high flying Newport on Saturday and a week later travel to Macc and two days after are at home to promotion hopefuls Grimsby. I can see two points at best from that lot. Bottom four calling?


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6 Replies to “County 1 Braintree 3. The final straw for some?”

  • Apologies for the even more glass empty nature of this article. I would welcome some comments from County fans who are less down-in-the-dumps.

  • I didn’t even bother going and I have a season ticket. Can’t see me renewing somehow.

  • We played well at Barrow, my only critisism was Nolan playing out wide. Other than that it was a well deserved win. So it came as a bit of a shock to arrive EP Saturday to find 4 new players in the side replacing 4 of those that did so well at Barrow had been dropped. Who in their right mind puts 4 new faces into a side when they have not even had time to train with the other lads let alone play with them. At best they should have only been on the bench. Again are they any better than what we have already. What on earth is happening here. I know of no other team that sends its leading goalscorer out on loan, not only that but to a team that is above us. Connor out on loan and starts for a side 8 places above us. What do we have to replace our leading goalscorer “Circrap”. Gannon got it wrong by going too far down the youth route, but this guy is subjecting us to something that is far worse and its not even close to working. Meanwhile the dynamic duo behind the scenes continue with their football club theories at our expense. Just listen to the DK podcast, what a load of boll****cks. He doesnt even know how many games we have left. I am seriously concerned now that we are heading down, and if we do go down is there a future for our club.

  • Share your fears NE about going down. I MUST contact the County Co-op as I have forgotten what they are about and what they have in place in case of Armageddon. Cannot believe we are once again talking about such a gloomy situation.

  • Goodness me how wrong I was to be optimistic!!! I couldn’t see us becoming even worse than we have been these last few years but we are shockingly clueless !!!wow this is so bad and without doubt the worse team I have ever paid money to watch, every week is the same, I haven’t been able to muster up any interest for years and years and I realy don’t want to put myself through this dross next year.
    We don’t have any money so things are not going to improve but then I see part time players coming here and they are better than us technically !!! how does that work ?!!!!!even if we stay up then I will have to think long and hard about spending anytime at EP in the future.

  • Feels like we have clueless owners and a clueless management team and a right shower on the pitch yet again . My attendance has dropped right off. It is as much about a pint and a chat with those I have suffered with for 40+ years than the 90 minutes inside Edgeley Park. Possibly the worst side in my time supporting County.

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