Date: 6th November 2011 at 9:25am
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So, 2,800 fans turned up at Edgeley Park (looked like all of 20 from H&Y – well done them) to watch what I and many had dubbed a’ must win’ game for the manager.

After 11 minutes the catcalls sounded out from the Main Stand as Sinclair put the opposition one up. Was Lynch (much improved recently) out of position?

So, here we go then. Demonstration at full time? Hamann out? Stewards protecting the players tunnel? We’ve been here so many times in County’s recent history, yet the opposition today were (no disrespect intended) as average as Forest Green Rovers a couple of weeks ago. ‘Surely we can beat this lot’ from the aged County supporting gentlemen to my right.

On 27 minutes things were looking up. Tom Elliott equalises (thought he played well) and three minutes later Piergianni (hope he stays with us – going to be a decent player I hope) puts us 2-1 ahead. The crowd are up. Their keeper looks to be struggling to kick, and just after that their right back goes off and is replaced by a child. Not kidding, this lad looked about 14. Get at em County!

Half time comes. Hot chocolate out of my flask (no brandy) and we are upbeat. As the second half starts it is evident they had changed their keeper (later find out he is the GK coach at 42 years old). This is it. This is the game where we finally ‘tater’ someone. There is no way we will let this slip. On the hour Piergianni gets his second. The Cheadle end is in good voice. We are playing well, corners are mounting up, chances are missed and although there is the occasional scare from Hayes and thingy we are sure the game will end 4 or 5 one.

Except it didn’t.

On 75 Soares curls a super goal into the top corner of the net. Glennon no chance. A great goal. A player who had scored 10 or so goals before todays match. If only he played for us. That nervy, sickly feeling. Surely we will hang on at 3-2 and be slightly annoyed we didn’t take this lot to the cleaners.

88 minutes. Soares again. Boos immediately from at least two sides of the ground. Pop side loyal to the last? In fact they could have scored a fourth.

Hamman is down the tunnel in about 2 seconds after the whistle. A few crowd round the canvas tube protecting the entry/exit of the pitch, shouting. Clueless. Inept.

I am firmly convinced we have the players to be comfy in this league. I am now convinced after 3 wins from 19 games we do not have the right man managing us. Like we do not have the right people owning the club. Like we do not have the right person owning our ground.

At this rate we won’t have the right number of fans coming through the turnstiles to keep the club alive.

I am not ashamed to say I left after the game and went home. No pub. No YTYT meeting. I will be having a Sunday afternoon catch up with a couple of County fans who went to the meeting and see what they have to say.

It is hard to have any Animo or Fide at the moment but this is the lot of a County fan.


5 Replies to “County 3-3 Rollercoaster”

  • Only 6 pts won and 21 lost at home, no wonder our long suffering fans are deciding they’ve had enough. Don’t the people in charge, realise that these fans will take a lot of convincing to come back.

  • sat there and waited, they went one nil up, no surprise there, (lynch was trying to do his job but no one helping to cover) we score three times, BIG surprise, but could barely get excited as there was too long to go, waiting for the self destruct button and at three all it was nearly pressed right at the end – Vicman says non existant managerial skills – plain to see – elliot played well but after several kickings finally got run over by the dumpstersized goalie and was left on the pitch when he could hardly run Edwards should have been on the left side and lynch on the right, and paton still a left winger?? give me strength we do have enough talent but sadly not at the top

  • The simple fact is that we have discussed Didi’s puzzling tactics all season. Everyone at EP can see it apart from the German Jock coalition. Perhaps left and right are different in Germany. I agree with Cropped, he is not right for County and its long suffering fans. He is costing the club thousands in lost revenue as the gates dwindle and if we dont arrest the fall we are destined for the ‘Silly Billy Burger League’

  • Danny Rowe on to run rings round that young (Legg) full back that came on as a sub….am I the only one who could see that !!!!!!! goodness me 3-3 against a bunch of part-timers what on earth is goiing on ?????!!!!!!!!

  • In all the years that I have supported this club I have never known so much despondency throughout the fan base. They’ve driven the family fans away so all we have are the hardcore fans who are willing to tolerate this ****e week in week out but how long will this last?.
    Didn’t think I’d ever say this but I can see Blue Square North beckoning next season, having said that I said the same last season about Blue Square Premier.

    Despondent from Dingwall

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