Date: 4th October 2011 at 2:57pm
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Another high profile departure from the club was announced yesterday.

Read the glowing testimony here

Must confess I do not recall a great deal that Graham Shaw said publicly. He was connected with Mike Newton (now involved back at Oldham) and recently I think gave backing to Tony Evans (the chap who appeared, appointed Didi Hammann and then disappeared).

An open question to anyone out there – what are the future plans for the club under the 2015 folks?

Another question to anyone out there – if you were to build a new stadium for County with a ground capacity of say 8,000, would that be cheaper than building one of 15,000? Of course I imagine a stadium of 8,000 would only be needed if County were playing at quite a low level.


7 Replies to “County Chief Exec Leaves”

  • I don’t think I have known less about MY club and understood less than at any time pre Elwood. I certainly feel more alienated about County than ever before and my period of support starts in the late 70’s. Just what on earth is going on and what is the VISION of the future for the football club.

  • Hear hear KC just what the hell is going on with our club for as sure as hell we don’t know, wish I was twenty again

  • Aaaah being 20 and Friday nights at County. Then out for beers and maybe a club. Don’t miss the cracking hangovers though!

  • Confused, disappointed, angry are emotions I feel but I have to say that I am feeling less interested by the minute……why should I bother myself about a situation I cannot control and where the powers that be at the club appear not to give a damn about the supporters feelings….I have said many times that I detest going to games ……we are certainly in the fast lane to oblivion.

  • Agree with you edgeley and so do quite a few that sit around me in the main stand. We find ourselves getting to the matches later and later and never really find anything to get excited about during the match. It is a crying shame cause I’m sure the players want to win as much as we want them to win. It’s them indoors that need sorting don’t think any of them want a football club to be proud of!!

  • That’s a really good point FK….I didn’t realise that we also get to games later and later, when we played York we were just going through the gates when the gams started and it’s getting later and later…….in the Gannon years we were at the ground at 2 o’clock just to watch the guy’s warming up in the pre-match stuff.
    Also just realised we are playing Cambridge tonight but wont be watching or listening on the radio, I cannot get into SCFC at all at the moment and the years of apathy by the powers that be are catching up with me. If nothing changes in the future that gives me hope for SCFC then there is not a chance I will renew my season ticket for next season… sad is it to have these feelings so early in the current season!!!!

  • Maybe things will start to happen very soon ! just heard that everyone is to report to the Club for 11.00am tomorrow, Any guesses, takeover ? who knows but we can not carry on like this.

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