Date: 14th December 2005 at 8:45pm
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It looks like Chris Turner is becoming stressed with the situation at EP. Hitherto Turner has not mentioned money (or rather the lack of it), and excuses were mainly focused on the inexperience of the side or of bad luck on the pitch or occasionally we were s***e.

Now though, I note Mr Turner feels fit to remind us of the financial situation and the good work he has done in trimming the deficit / budget /overdraft.

Turner says ‘Since I came to Stockport I’ve bought in £350,000 in cash but spent absolutely nothing. I’ve reduced the wage bill from £1.7 million to less then £1 million, but what we really need now is three or four experienced players, and experience costs money. It wouldn’t matter if Arsene Wenger or Jose Mourinho was the manager here, they’d have the same problems’.

I can’t disagree with those sentiments but this has been the score form day 1.

I have heard this type of statement from managers down the years and quite often its the beginning of the end. Its almost as though the manager is saying to prospective next employers ‘not my fault guv – look I’ve been playing against loaded dice here – what can I do – I need help’

By nature an optimist, I stuck by Sammy Mac for almost the duration when we should have got rid months earlier. I did the same with Kilner. This time though it feels different.

We need to get a point from Notts and to get a win away at Macc and a win at home v Torquay. Thats 7 points form the next 9.

I hope to God I am wrong but right now it feels like there will be a lot of new grounds to travel to next year.

Shaw Heath Pete