Date: 9th December 2013 at 7:29pm
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County have been booted out of the Cheshire Senior Cup.

Stockport County will play no further part in this year`s Cheshire Senior Cup.

The FA have informed the club that Liam Dickinson was not eligible to play in the Preliminary Round against Witton Albion having been registered after the deadline, and have therefore removed County from the competition.

Read about this and much more here

Not sure if there any County fans left who think the club is being well run any more.

How could this fundamental mistake happen?

It feels like the club is a complete basket case.

There were those (not me by the way) who predicted that the club would not survive beyond Christmas.

I had these folk down as melodramatic doom-sayers at the time but now… now I am not so sure.

There have been some very worrying rumours coming out of the club in recent days and going back to that official site announcement, well, a wage bill of £60K a month!

Really? Is that a typo? After all the cuts to staff and a playing squad that is part-time I must say I am quite surprised.

Another jump-out quote:

The Board firmly believe that fan representation is the way forward, and we hope that we can achieve that sooner rather than later.

I cannot remember that being said from official sources for a long time.

Reading between the lines it would seem that the club is on it’s knees and begging for new investment, any investment, before it is too late.

There are rumours of interested parties. There is a protest march in the air (more on that in another article).

All I can say to every County fan is join the Co-op.. just £12.

Join here because I cannot help thinking that one way or another the rank and file County supporter may be called on to do more than turn up at Edgeley Park.

Worrying times.



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  • It is crystal clear we are in a seriously huge mess with ni investment and a playing staff that are not going to tuen things arouns anytime soon, we can blame whoever we can bring to mind from Kennedy to next doors cat !!! but its clear that once we lost ownership of EP we lost any possible chance of any future investment, unless we can get massive investment very soon (not likely is it??!!) then the club will cease to exist as we know it…..sometimes in life we have to let go and begin again…maybe we have reached that point.

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