Date: 12th July 2011 at 6:34pm
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County have signed Scouse trio Jon Miles, Ryan Fraughan and John Nolan each on one-year deals subject to medicals and Conference approval.

Striker Miles spent most of his time at Macclesfield, making 125 appearances for the Silkmen and scoring just 22 goals.

Fraughan is a small central midfielder who has fought his way though the Tranmere Rovers Youth academy, and played against The Hatters last season in a JPT win for Rovers.

And Nolan (central midfield) completed the trio of signings, an Everton youngster who has joined on a free transfer.

Manager Didi Hamann hopes to continue his revolution at Edgeley Park with more signings next week.

* County have announced their new Billboard campaign, with the image below of ‘The Kaiser’ being plastered all around the town to promote the new season at EP. Animo Et Fide!

Click Here to see the new Billboard campaign


18 Replies to “County Sign Trio”

  • Some more needed, and they all need to gel quick as not long to start of season. Not felt this excited about the team for a long time.

  • Realy need a few defenders and a decent striker the midfield doesn’t seem to be looking to bad at the moment

  • @footballtaz1: Yeah its looking quite exciting ahead of the new season. I’m not going to be buying a season ticket as I ain’t got the money, hopefully next season but I was considering only to go to the game v Cambridge (family use to live there before I was born) and Altrincham but Alty went down so its just Cambridge.

    However despite this, I am quite excited and interested to splash a couple more 20’s on other games this season as this could be one heck of a season for us. Animo Et Fide!

  • Forgot to mention, we’re going to turn into Liverpool FC soon. All the players we have currently signed have been born in more-or-less in Liverpool. Not to mention Liverpool legend Hamann as the manager. I understand our new directoring owner whatever you want to call him is from Liverpool, but please sign some non-Liverpudlians haha.

  • Hopefully we can sign two new CB’s, two Left Backs, a back up goalkeeper (preferably young), a few wingers and a centre mid and we should be ready. I would happily take back Adam Griffin for Left Back and defo Jordan Rose as a backup CB/CM, or even squeeze him into the team somehow.

  • @Kremb would not mind playing like Liverpool what a season we would have then. Season ticket coming my way, I am looking on the bright side and thinking we are going straight for the title, thets all be positive may rub off on the players.

  • @Footballtaz1 haha fair enough. I ain’t got the money for a season ticket but I will make my appearance next season.

  • @cropped haha I always love a bit of news until I got shivers and a bit shaky for around the time I was reading it. Erm.. Can’t answer much until it happens. Anyone up for some of the clubs mash potatoes, peas and gravy?

  • Cropped – you’ve totally brought me back down to Earth with a bump – was it/is it all too good to be true?

  • LOL… sorry folks. It could all end up sweetness and light of course. There were those who slagged off Elwood when he took over (me and a few gave him grief at Tranmere away if I remember which may have been his first game as owner) … anyway Elwood gave us good years (though it could be argued he set in motion our fate recently)… waffling now… what I meant to say is lets all keep our eyes open JUST IN CASE we need to mobilise again on a rescue mission. Trying to enjoy things now and I guess if we win the first 4 games I will forget any worries I once had!

  • I have to say that i am suspicious and we should all be vigilant. I have supported County for more years than I care to mention. Our fortunes have been up and down more times than a brides nighty yet we have always recovered. This time though it feels different, I dont know why. On the one hand we dont want to look a gift horse in the mouth yet as someone has already said if its too good to be true it usually is. I am just hoping that the Football Association, Lord Snape and the fans can keep out the undesirables.

  • Lets keep our feet on the ground – these three sound pretty untried to me, but you never know. Would still like to see a bit more ‘experience’ brought into the squad.

  • Liam Dickinson has left Plymouth. Now that would be a season ticket seller and wouldn’t even mean a fee!

  • @werpremleague : WHAT? HAS HE LEFT PLYMOUTH!? He only just got released from Barnsley then moved to Plymouth and now HE’S LEFT!? SIGN HIM UP, SIGN HIM UP, SIGN HIM UP PLEASE! When he went to Plymouth I thought ARGH guess we ain’t signing him, MY HOPES ARE BACK UP!

  • Season ticket seller??? not sure on that yes I thought he did a great job for us but this is the guy that thought he was bigger & better than the County??? he will think we are below him now I think there is better out there and people that will want to play for COUNTY

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