Date: 13th November 2011 at 8:43am
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Another Saturday, another defeat and another gloomy Saturday evening. My level of support merely consisted of listened to the (excellent) live commentary of the game on the radio. Seems to me that the only good thing to come out of the last 3 years is the support of the Pure 107.8 FM local radio station, enabling many County fans to share in the misery.

County lined up with Elliott and Chadwick as a front two. The starting XI being;

Halstead, Holden, Bounab, Piergianni, Edwards, Routledge, McCann, Rowe, Chadwick, Elliott, Paton

On the bench The injured Glennon, Halls, Jon Nolan, Fraughan, German.

From the sounds of things Willie McStay (in charge for the first time) opted for a more direct approach. Less pretty tippy-tappy stuff and a more direct style. The back four being encouraged to push up more. After a debatable penalty shout where Chadwick went down in the box, referee Stockbridge did award a penalty shortly after on 21 minutes and Chadwick slotted home the opening goal. County came close further times in the first half, hitting the post and should perhaps have gone in at half time 2 goals up.

Through half time and up to the hour mark I felt McStay was going to start his tenure as County boss with a win, On 60 though Ebbsfleet boss Daish made one substitution and changed it around and the game became even. On 81 Willock equalised, and that ‘not again` feeling was justified on 88 when Pinney scored the home sides winner.

I feel sorry for McStay who may have found the more effective style for our players and this division but will probably not get a chance given County`s next game is against impressive Fleetwood Town away. Following that we have Southport at home where we may drop into the bottom four.

Meanwhile silence from Jim Gannon and what feels like paralysis behind the scenes.


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  • Hell’s teeth. defeat snatched from the jaws of victory again, what do we have to do to win?. Forgotten what it feels like to be elated. Ah well back to the whisky bottle (These buggers are costing me a fortune) mind you I’d probably have one or two of we actually won a match!!!

  • I am so not surprised we lost!!! I have become disintersted in SCFC !!! dont feel good about that’s the way I feel…How sad is it that I expect us not to win and feel indiferent about it when it happens.

  • There are going to be some mid-week gates in the winter down to 2200 ish at this rate. I still genuinely believe the players at the club are good enough to be mid table or a bit above with the right gaffer. Is Jim Gannon waiting for 2015 to sell before committing? Or does he want another role other than manager? Or is he a big tease?

  • As a so called professional team, we should become stronger against part timers in the later stages of the games, but once again, no, we’ve lost valuable points. I fear two more losses against Fleetwood and Southport then we will be in big trouble. I’m getting the same as Edgeley, and I don’t let them ruin my weekend anymore.

  • Spot on stockportdave, i also refuse to let this shambles spoil my weekend ..I know we have no money but neiter do Ebbsfleet or the like..where on earth is the pride, the fight for the honour of putting the shirt on….it’s just not there.
    I am going to Fleetwood and staying overr in Blackpool it is womething I was always going to do regardless of our situation but I am not looking forward to it at all.

  • So disappointed yet again. Thought with the early goal we would go on and show some pride and fight, but alas no, it’s just not there in this squad. We seriously need a new manager now with enough funds to ditch the rubbish we have and bring in some players that will stabilise us in this league – or am I just dreaming?

  • … next up Fleetwood away. Don’t fancy writing a preview of this later on in the week. BBC say kick off 17:45 .. is that right?

  • We need a total clearout from bottom to top. New Chairperson, board, manager and some new players. Where would you start?
    I still think that Gannon would be best suited within the board room to assist in the financial side of things and a.n.other person as manager. On the pitch we need to tighten up at the back and start playing with some forwards up front that are capable of taking players on and having a go. I don’t think that McStay is the man for the job. He was supposed to be the assistant manager and didn’t change the playing style last weekend while acting as manager. He is clueless. Bring back Wardy ably assisted by a new man at the helm.

  • I think if I were headed to Fleetwood I might be ever so slightly distracted and end up spending the day in Blackpool. But then again I could get a return ticket on the tram, see the match end up depressed, head back into Blackpool and get slaughtered and head back Sunday. I think you’ll all get the jist of this I don’t think we’ve got a cat in hell’s chance with the present set up.

  • When the team was announced I thought maybe we would see a change in tactics, which to be fair we did play a more direct game. However yet again too narrow. These are not young players that do not know how to play a direct game. Elliott and Chadwick should put some serious work this week on their first touch. But What concerned me most was that some out there did not seem to give a toss. I know just the man that could sort that, not from the boardroom but on the touchline. Unfortunately I dont think it will happen. I dont know how many of us made the journey, must have been a good 100. Those players should hang their heads in shame and give each and everyone of us their sincere applogies, then cancel their contracts to allow us to sign players who give a ****.

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