Date: 22nd December 2005 at 10:15am
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Here are the next four fixtures. Read it and pray

Dec 26 Macc (A)
Dec 28 Torquay (H)
Dec 31 Bury (A)
Jan 2 Cheltenham (H)

By my reckoning if Chris Turner is to stay in his job we need a minimum of 7 points from these fixtures. If not we may see 2006 begin with a new vacancies sign up at Stockport County.

County cannot let any sort of gap open up at the bottom and defeat to either Macc or Torquay would send the loudest of alarm bells ringing in all County fans ears. Chris Turner still has his support amongst the Edgeley Park faithful but this could evaporate over the festive season leaving the Stockport County Trust in a very sticky situation.

Can the club afford to sack Chris Turner? Probably not?

Can the club afford to strengthen the squad? Well we now have the Trust indicating that experienced signings are possibly available in January. It looks to be as the philosophy of the club is ‘See how we get on over the Festive Period. If its not too disastrous lets get some old pros in.’

If that is the path taken by the club then it will cost money and it is a risk but it is a risk the club are right to take I feel.

I wonder if they have said to CT ‘Ok, here is your wish list. If it doesn’t work out then please walk and save us paying up any contract’?

Would Chris Turner walk away if we continue this form….. I think he might. Turner in my book is not the worst manager we have had at EP over the recent past, in fact he is probably a reasonable manager, still learning his trade. The task facing him though may just be too much. The general tone coming from Turner over the last couple of weeks has changed. There are excuses where there used to be optimism. There are moans about lack of resources where there used to be acceptance and understanding of the task ahead. It sounds like CT is getting either desperate or re-writing history so his c.v. will look better.

Turner is on record at saying ‘…I’m not datf, if performances don’t show any signs of improvement over those four games [the Christmas period] and we don’t get any points I would have to look at my position’

Kevan Taylor has of course given CT his backing and the backing of the board so we are certainly at that stage in CT’s leadership where it is make or break. Kevan Taylor has also spoken of ‘identifying potential sources of funding to finance extra resources for the playing squad.’ . Taylor was also at pains to point out that rumours of Dario Gradi’s interest in Jermaine Easter are neither here nor there as the club is not looking to sell any of its ‘high-profile’ players in the January transfer window.

CT has spoken of the players working hard in training and that the players have to roll their sleeves up. All well and good but results are everything.

This is it ladies and gents. Crunch time!

Get your prayer mats out everyone!

Festive Regards

Shaw Heath Pete