Date: 3rd May 2006 at 9:05pm
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You can understand him saying that they want to win, but to say that he doesn’t want to be disrespectful to the rest of the teams in the relegation battle is going a bit far.

Simpson has said that they want to finish with a win on Saturday and if its not good enough for County to stay up then tough.

But this man who is saying that he wants to be respectful, is the man that brought himself on in the last home game when they were losing 2-1 to Torquay United who are also in the relegation battle.

Simpson said to BBC Radio Cumbria about Saturday’s game ‘We can go away and we can enjoy this now, we can enjoy our summer break, but we?ve got to finish it off properly against Stockport, which is being respectful to all the other teams who are scrapping around at the bottom. We want to go and win there and unfortunately if that doesn?t do Stockport any favours then I?m afraid that?s just tough. We want to finish this season off properly so that when we start next season we are still thinking positively and on a roll.

‘The dressing-room is dry at the moment, there is no alcohol in there, no champagne still. Everybody is delighted though, we?ve worked so hard to get to this point and we?re so happy about it. There is no way we can put it into words, all the hard work has really taken off to get us to this point tonight.

‘The fans were absolutely superb and that?s what they?ve been like all the time I’ve been at this club. Hopefully we can get an occasion sorted out so that we can really celebrate it properly. I?ll have a rest tomorrow, we?ve got a reserve team game final tomorrow night at Doncaster which some players will be involved in but tonight is for enjoying. This week is for enjoying, on Saturday we’ll do it properly against Stockport, then we?ll enjoy it again for however long it takes.’


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