Date: 8th November 2013 at 8:56am
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There follows a communique received last night from the Stockport County Supporters Co-operative.


Dear all,

Stockport MBC Central Area Committee this evening enthusiastically
recommended that Edgeley Park be listed as an Asset of Community
Value, approving our nomination.

We are advised that we should not make a formal reply until we
receive the Council’s formal notification, which should be early
next week. However we may informally circulate news of the decision
in the meantime.

I would like immediately to thank Callum Brown for writing our
nomination, and Supporters Direct for their invaluable help.


Best regards,


Mary McGee Wood
Independent Secretary, Stockport County Supporters’ Co-operative
Animo et Fide


What welcome news. Although making Edgeley Park an Asset of Community Value does not mean that the ground is safe from demolition it does allow any party interested in keeping the ground as a football ground some breathing space to raise funds and buy the ‘asset’.

What I am pleased about is that this achievement is evidence of the Supporters Co-op’s resurgence. For quite a while the Co-op was kept alive by a ‘skeleton crew’; the energy of the fans passed between other worthy groups but County fans did not have that focus and collective energy to make a big difference.

Not any more.

#strongertogether indeed !

And of course the more of us who join the co-op the louder our voice! Please Join the Co-op!

There is another piece of upbeat news, especially for us Vital County readers.

Yesterday Vital County received this from Help The Hatters

I would appreciate it if you could ensure that Vital readers and contributors see this letter.

I have just been made aware that Help the Hatters are shortly to receive another donation from Vital,via your Editor Payments which are kindly re-directed to ourselves.

To say that I am pleased about this is to opt for gross understatement……..the fact that Vital support Help the Hatters in this way is another example of just how wonderful the County family is, and we at Help the Hatters truly value the link up so recently established between our two organisations, and the donations help us continue to do what we do!

Long may it continue!

Once again….many thanks!


So thanks go to you – Vital County readers. Just browse here and raise money for Help The Hatters!
Thanks also go to you – County Supporters Co-op for taking steps to protect Edgeley Park.

And while we are in this mood of happiness, hopefully come 5pm tomorrow we’ll all be thanking County for 3 more points from the game against (bottom of the table) Oxford City !

Come on the County Boys!


[For more on Assets of Community value take a look here]


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  • Fantastic news, a long way to go but the foundations have now been put down, Lets hope we can build on this for the clubs future.

  • As you say cropped this is Great News for us fans EP might be old but it’s Home. COME ON YOU BLUES !!!!!!!!

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