Date: 9th July 2006 at 6:30pm
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Just a note to apologise for the site not being updated as much as it is normally during the last couple of weeks for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I have been quite busy just for the last couple of weeks – I play cricket a lot, and secondly I went away for a few days during last week.

Secondly, I`m sure most of you will appreciate that it is a lot harder to find stories to write about during the close-season. I don`t want to bore you with rubbish that is just being posted to make the site look ‘good`. I`d rather spend the time working on a few articles (which I have), and I`m sure you`ll all much more enjoy the new feature that I`m bringing instead of me waffling on in an article.

Also look out for a few more interviews with some of the new players and the management etc..

Finally, keep checking back on the site as it`s going to be much more updated now as we approach the time we all love! The proper Football season.


3 Replies to “Editor’s Note”

  • We’ve all gotta have a break from the day job!

    ps Jamie Ward you have made a mistake. Why oh why did you choose Torquay, apart from the Palm Trees, the weather and the clotted cream? Expect a ‘reception’ from the pop side when you run (backwards) down the wing at Edgeley Park!

  • looking at the site poll and the league table i’m suprised to see 56% for midfield when the gd is -21

  • Well mate, since Jimbo took over we conceded around about the same amount as we scored. We racked up most of that goal difference in August-December.

    The defence has improved, but we are really short in Midfield.

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