Date: 30th November 2011 at 3:01pm
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Stockport suffered their worst loss of the season last night away at Grimsby as they lost 7-0 to the team they previously beat 2-0 earlier on this season.

Stockport team was as follows: Halstead, Holden, O`Donnell, Halls, Bounab, McCann, Rowe, Blackburn, Cole, German and Gritton.

Stockport held out at 0-0 for only 18 minutes and from then on in the goals poured in, with the first goal scored by Coulson in the 18th minute, following this Hearn made it 2-0 in the 22nd minute with the first of his three goals. In the 31st minute County old boy Elding made it 3-0 before emphatically celebrating in front of the travelling 68 fans. In the 35th minute Green made it 4-0 and to top it off on the stroke of half time Grimsby were 5-0 up through the efforts of Hearn for his second goal of the evening.

In the second half things didn`t go any better with the thought of a comeback beyond the imagination as Hearn completed his hat-trick upon thee 58th minute and to rub salt into the wounds I ‘Anson made it 7-0 in the 64th minute.

The game saw The Hatters have 38% of the possession and only 1 shot on target and this did not trouble the keeper.

Following the result The Hatters find themselves in 21st place which means that we are now certainly in a relegation battle, with the current form topping up to go down upon last seasons table. With 23 games played County have only managed to find 19 points and have a goal advantage of -15.

The best thing to take from the game is to hope that on load goalkeeper Halstead is sent back to Blackpool after telling the away supporters to ‘f**k off` twice throughout the game. At the end of the game Jim send the players over to clap the fans in which only Andy Halls and Daniel O`Donnell did so passionately with Danny kissing his badge. But in all fairness does the commitment to the club matter after a 7-0 hammering?

I will leave you with this question… Can things get any worse?


7 Replies to “Embarrassed is not the word.”

  • Halstead, Holden, Bounab, McCann, Rowe, Blackburn, Cole, German and Gritton all need to be shown the door. Completely unacceptable. I understand Paton has already left, these 9 go means it 10 new players needed in January. McJock needs to go as well. I will be delighted if Gannon plays O’D, Halls and 9 kids from the youth team on Saturday. I keep saying it, but the future of this club depends on who JG brings in and for him to install the heart and desire required.

  • What a disgusting, deplorable, inexcusable display of ?couldn?t care less? from this useless, idle bunch of excuses for footballers.
    Listened to the game on BBC Radio Humberside and just could not believe what I was hearing ? comments such as pedestrian, clueless, not bothered etc spring to mind. I didn?t particularly want Gannon back but he has my sympathies given the task in hand. I hope he sticks by his words after Saturdays game and sacks the lot of them. Its time to blood the youngsters and make this wretched first team outfit sit and watch whilst reading their P45?s. They are taking their wages under false pretences and its little more than common theft.
    Its going to be difficult for these players to be moved on as Evans and co put them on long contracts ? but in my mind they are in clear breach of their contracts and should be sacked before Saturdays game.
    Additionally sickening was that Gannon had to force this gutless bunch of freeloaders to return from the tunnel last night to applaud the travelling County fans.
    Come on Jim, kick this lot of bone idle dossers into touch befor County are unbelievably playing in the sixth tier of English football.

  • These w****rs are only turning out for the pay packet. They couldn’t give a **** for our club because when their contracts run out they’ll be off down the road to sucker some other poor mugs that they can pretend to play football. I seriously feel for Jimbo cause he’s stuck with these t*ssers that others thought could play. Were these prats high at the time?.

  • A round trip of 380 miles and 6.5 hours journey time for what, to see this bunch of wasters humiliate our club. I did something after the slaughter had finished that I have never previously done in 50+ years of supporting County, I booed the players. I played at a decent level during my carreer in the armed forces and I know from personnal experience that getting slagged off from the terraces does not make you play better in fact it has the opposite effect. However this was not just a few players having an off day, this was “players” (a very loose description) not giving a toss. I have not seen a performance as bad as that since the days when Jimmy Melia was manager. Some of you older supporters will remember him. Absolutely shamefull, at least Halls & O’Donnel had the balls to come over to us. As for the rest, they should hang their heads in shame and offer us their sincere applogies.

  • NE, fantastic you went to Grimsby with the other die-hards. Better fan than I am. Listening on the radio was a big chore to me now. The players should have got on the supporters coach for the trip back. Massive clear out time.

  • Ditto KC …NowikshireExiles is a “better fan” than me also !!!!!! the truth is that if I had not paid for a season ticket I would not go to another home game till this do nothing parasites leave our beautiful club.
    Some if our players are nothing more than SCUM FREE LOADERS…. I am so embarrassed to say I follow SCFC …. I dont wear my scarf … I dont wear a SCFC shirt (past or present) I feel totally embarrassed…. the worst feeling I had was that last night I passed Macclesfields Town disgusting ground and I felt envious !!!!!!!!!!!! OMG never EVER did I think that I would EVER feel that way

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