Date: 9th May 2013 at 9:43am
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Spencer Fearn, Vice chair and major shareholder has announced he is stepping down from the board of Stockport County.

This has been reported from the official site

I think it is accepted that Fearn was the main man behind the club and what this means is open to question, but knowing County I am going to plump for the words ‘upheaval’, ‘crisis’ and ‘Fred Karno’.

This last paragraph is the type of appeal we have seen made with other clubs before the stuff really hits the fan.

‘We would urge any local business people with an interest in this football club to come forward as soon as possible to see how they can assist us moving forward.’

I don’t know about you but this send shivers down my spine. Only a couple of days ago we have a new chap (James Farge) join the board with an injection of capital.

And it was only two days ago we had the fortnightly boardroom update from Spencer (see see here which seemed to be upbeat. ‘See you in two weeks for an update’.

Reading that update again though, can you see the appeals as an act of desperation?

Is the club now at the position where the fans are the only option? Or does the ‘revolving door’ rotate again for the next punter / group of punters come in and give it a go?

‘Get yer wallets out County fans’ may be the order of the day.

Cropped, a very concerned resident of Stockport.


14 Replies to “Fearn Steps Down”

  • It could be another admin spell – so IF you are buying a season ticket dear County fans then get it on a credit card as you may get some protection if we go pop.

    The other options are some more new blood come in and lose money OR we get liquidated and start all over again. We will lose EP in this scenario.

    Have we the local County business men with enough bunce to keep us afloat whilst ALL OF US get involved to save the club?

  • Thanks Kennedy, since you darkened our doorway, it has been downhill all the way, and it’s more than a coincidence. How much money do you want/need ? Because we don’t own the Stadium, we have no assets and that in turn , puts off any prospective investors also the high rent is killing us, you’ve effectively wiped us off the football map. I fear the worst, RIP Stockport County.

  • It’s not the best of news, but I am sure if we knew what the reason was behind the stepping down of Fearn it may just enlighten the fans that all is not well. More news will follow over the next couple of weeks that will surprise many fans, some good and some not so good. But I have every confidence that we will have a decent team to support next season.

  • What I do not get is on Tuesday, the board update from Spencer seemed to be all go, upbeat and energetic.. then 48 hours later he gives up and rolls over. What on earth changed? Hope more info does come out as there are people holding back on their Season Tickets which is not good news.

  • Everything that you have said MA I agree with and it is apparent that you are aware of what is going on. Yes we will have a decent side next season but only if people get their Season Tickets soon to give Ian Bogie a fighting chance before all the decent players are snapped up.

  • Bring back standing on the Pop Side! Seriously… don’t get me hopes up MA. Oh… OK then… give us a teaser please!

  • Cropped it’s not the over 600 season tickets that have been sold to-date , have you got yours?????? There maybe some money coming into the club!!!!!! BUT there again it may be another resignation,,,,,, or is it about the ground. Are these enough teasers for you…

  • SMBC buy the ground would be my favourite news item. Or County fan who won £50 million on the Euro lottery buys club.

  • Got my season ticket…Stockport born and raised…Love Stockport….great fans (well the majority)..we have to have bottomed out now so hopefully the only way is UP!!!!

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