Date: 23rd March 2016 at 2:36pm
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John Fitzpatrick, Chairman of Help the Hatters, has today released the following appeal to County supporters ahead of Saturday’s game away at North Ferriby.

‘With a vital game ahead of us on Saturday and many more exciting contests to contemplate before this eventful season ends, I am moved to talk directly to you to appeal to all County fans to help the Club avoid a potentially calamitous situation ruining things for us all.’

‘Recent days have seen much progress off and on the field of play, but last Saturday at Hednesford, whilst we were able to enjoy a magnificent County win, we also saw a pitch invasion by County fans and a blue flare thrown onto the field of play.’

‘This was dismaying as, owing to our previously bad record in this regard, the Club are now expecting to be sanctioned by the League.’

‘We have been amply warned of the consequences previously, so this will likely take the form of a fine, very likely to be into four figures.’

‘Apart from the obvious danger to fans, particularly those with health issues, posed by the throwing of flares, and the reputational damage the Club incurs via pitch invasions, put simply – the Club cannot afford to accrue fines, and if we continue to transgress the sanctions will only increase and ultimately could get in the way of Jim Gannon’s efforts to get us out of this division.’

‘Please therefore, if you see a fellow fan about to go pitch side or throw a flare, please try and persuade him/ her not to do so.’

‘Enjoy the remaining games of this season, but please ..stop the flares and pitch invasions!”

John Fitpatrick


The argument here isn’t whether the pitch invasion was 30 seconds of joyous celebration and nothing more sinsister than that. Nor is the argument about the safety or otherwise of flares.

If the league have repeatedly warned Stockport County about such incidents then we are looking at a fine or even a points deduction if these events happen again.

What a crying shame it will be if County are hit by a five figure fine given all the fantastic work so many County fans do in raising money for the club, and also towards Jim Gannon’s promotion push.

County fans are known for their superb vocal support.

Let’s all play within the rules and help, not hinder our clubs immediate future.


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  • I can understand the extreme emotional release at scoring two in injury time. I think I would be going AS as well (copyright Ian B for that!)

    We all just have to keep it within the parameters of what the football authorities deem acceptable. Not easy for some I know.. but restraint please given the club is on the verge of being penalised.

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