Date: 2nd June 2010 at 9:31pm
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I really didn’t think I’d be writing this as at about 1:00 pm today!

There is a hold-up, and it is very straight forward, and needs no input from The 2015 Group, and it will all be sorted out very soon.

We simply need the right person, to have the right paperwork, for just a few minutes, and a signature.

Unfortunately, that has not been possible today, but I am going to resolve it.

And frankly, If I told you any more than that, you wouldn’t believe a word of it, and I wouldn’t blame you.

I will update you all tomorrow night.

Even if it means, getting on a Plane, with the bloody Piece of Paper in my right hand, and my Passport in the other, and a Pen stuck between my teeth, as though it were a rose!

For tonight, have a little drink, but not too much,

You’ll need to be on form come the weekend!


Dave Schofield


3 Replies to “Further Update From 2015 Group”

  • Two things.. 1) Any delay no matter how apparently trivial sends shockwaves through much of the County family and I can’t help but worry after all we have had to endure these las 12 months

    2) Some crumbs of conmfort that Mr Schoflield is taking great trouble to update us all, regularly and as clearly as he can. Gut feeling is if …. sorry WHEN 2015 get over the line, a close relationship with the fans will be sought after and I reckon achieved.

    So best of luck chasing that signature 2015.. take yer time BUT HURRY UP !

  • Thanks for the update Dave, the previous statement sounded a bit worrying but this is much more positive, hopefully you can get that signiture and we can all have a good day out on Sunday at EP!

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