Date: 14th November 2011 at 8:10pm
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The official site reports that James Gannon is now back as Manager of Stockport County Football club.

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Of great significance also is that John Fitzpatrick (aka Fitzy) has joined the board of directors. Amongst many County fans ‘Fitzy’ is held in high regard due to his long history of mucking in and helping the club without ego or self-interest. A man with County in his heart and a man of ability.

As for this Gannon fella, most people love him and to those that do not, please close ranks and get behind the man as he will make a difference.

I imagine the numbers travelling to Fleetwood on Saturday has just doubled and just wait for the gate at home to Southport the week after.

Mission this season on the pitch – mid table obscurity if we can. Off the pitch…. well, today is not a time to worry about that.

I have my faith and courage again! Come on County!


18 Replies to “Gannon back as Manager”

  • Lets hope this is our true ‘ turn the corner’ moment. Not sure I can cope with any more turmoil! I O COUNTY

  • It has to be and it WILL. I bet half the current squad will be moving on before too long. Oh for another Anthony Pilkington or Ash Williams to be plucked from lower non-league obscurity!

  • Just found out, absolutely fantastic news. I never thought it would happen and I am still pinching myself. He’s got a very difficult job ahead of him but I know he is the right man to do it.

  • Hmmmm! maybe what’s needed still not sure though, hope I’m proven wrong but good luck to the man from the north of Scotland, he sure is gonna need it.

  • JIMBO THERE’S ONLY ONE JIMBO, Well first I must say well done to the Board for acting so quickly ( Lets hope that continues in the Future ) Now to get behind the Great Man and show everyone our Season Starts now. JIMMY GANNONS BLUE & WHITE ARMY !!!!!!!

  • Blimey !!!1 what a difference a day makes as I am now actually going to enjoy the trip tp Fleetwood (hopefully) bought the tickets weeks ago. Good luck Jimbo

  • Great news, it’s like a big black cloud has disappeared, and so will any players that won’t give their all for this fantastic club.

  • Not really Gannon’s biggest fan, but this is really great news for County. He is a figure that can galvanise the club the community, the support and truly put us back on the right path. Fingers crossed he takes stock quickly, gets rid of those players who aren’t up to scratch and brings in some fresh exciting players in January. The only way is up!

  • This is going to be a long hard road back and it will take time. We now have the right man to lead us up that road, but we must not expect too much too soon.

  • Wise words NE. If we all keep that thought in the back of our mind we will be happy with County. Think we will lose to Fleetwood but Southport…. what an atmosphere should we win. It’s forever being beautiful and the colour’s white and blue!

  • Great News, been away for a few so only just seen this, will now treat her indoors to a slap up Mcdonalds to celebrate, unfortunately will have to see fleetwood on the box….COME On THE COUNTY.

  • Did not know the game was on the box. Still chewing over whether I can afford to go and have a really big day out. The atmosphere there, win lose or draw is going to be special.

  • Does anyone know how many away fans are allowed into Fleetwood gound what the capacity is ?? I bought my ticket weeks ago with a view to staying over in Blackpool which we are doing so hopefully it will be a better Saturday than the ones in our recent history.

  • 1300+ away fans can be accommodated.

    “Away fans are normally housed on one side of the Percy Ronson terrace at one end of the stadium. This area also includes an open flat standing area on one side that extends down to the half way line, towards the Highbury Stand. In total just under 1,000 away fans can be accommodated in this area. The Percy Ronson Terrace which was opened in 2007 is covered, free from supporting pillars and affords a good view of the playing action. It is normally shared with home supporters, who mostly stand at that end when Fleetwood are attacking towards that goal.

    The good news that with the opening of the new Parkside Stand then seating is also now available to away fans. A minimum of 300 seats are allocated, but this can be increased if required. A £2 supplement is paid inside the ground to access the seating area. For teams with a smaller following then only the Parkside seats will be made available and not the Percy Ronson Terrace.”

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