Date: 8th February 2007 at 9:43pm
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Ex County captain Matty Hamshaw expects to be booed on his return to Edgeley Park this Saturday.

Hamshaw, who started 35 games for County last season, left County after alledgly arguing with boss Jim Gannon – something that shows in the statistics when you see that after the Northampton away game, Hamshaw didn’t pull on a County shirt for the remainder of the season.

Speaking to Mansfield today Hamshaw said: ‘The things that happened behind the scenes I don’t want to go into, but it would be nice to go back there and put one over on them.’

However, he acknowledges that he owes alot to County after Chris Turner got Hamshaw’s career back on track when Turner signed Hamshaw up on a free after being released by Sheffield Wednesday.

”I was made captain of the team which was a great honour and I owe a lot to the club.’

Hamshaw also acknowledges that it is likely he will get booed on his return. But does speak of the ‘good’ relationship between him and the fans when he was a player.

‘I expect I will get booed and anything else will be a bonus.

‘But I really don’t know what to expect as it is my first time back there.

‘The fans certainly liked me when I was there but things happened off the field that were out of my control.

‘I always got on with the fans and I have a lot of respect for them. They were brilliant and really got behind me and the team.’

Personally, I’m mixed on Hamshaw. He played some very good football but at times he was bigheaded. A bit like Jermaine Easter, I wonder if his celebrations will be muted should he or Mansfield score?

‘To be honest I thought it would be the other way round this season but that’s just how it is,’

Nothing like regrets eh Matty?!


3 Replies to “Hamshaw: I expect reaction”

  • For goodness sake do not boo him. Personalirt clashes happen. If he had got on well with Jim I reckon he would be a automatic pick here for every game. Booing him will serve only to make him step up his performance. Just ignore until we are 3 goals up!

  • He was a great player, but Jack you don’t have to ask about his celebration they have no chance of scoring against us lol

  • I won’t be booing him. Good player, but a wrong attitude. Oh well. He can stay and fade into League Two while we push on back to the Championship.

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