Date: 24th April 2010 at 5:45pm
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County completely capitulated in the second-half as Huddersfield secured their play-off place in one of the most embarrassing days of my County-supporting life.

The Terriers cemented the final play-off place with a 6-0 victory with six different goalscorers as Gary Ablett’s side collapsed humiliatingly in front of 3424 Town fans.

I’m currently listening to Pure FM’s Gary Ablett interview as he struggles to find the words to discuss the ‘two-week silence’ from the 2015 Group.

‘I don’t particularly want to hang around in a job until the 13th of May (Football League meeting) just to be told I’m not needed any more. And if someone from the group had the, erm…I’ve got to be careful how I word this…the fortitude to come and speak to me, I could find out tomorrow whether I’m needed or not.’

Well, judging from the reaction of the Cheadle End Gary, you’re not.

Without going into the whole Ablett debate, today was unacceptable. And you can’t blame that sort of thing on administration. And as the 4th, 5h and 6th goals went in for The Terriers, the chant rose from the Cheadle End…

Here’s to you Jimmy Gannon, Stockport loves you more than you will know…

Jimmy Gannon’s Blue ‘N’ White Army…

And I knew it probably wasn’t the best thing to do. But I couldn’t help joining in.

We need Gannon back. He belongs here. Today was an absolute shambles and if Ablett is the nice man we all believe him to be, then he’d walk.

Ex-County man Anthony Pilkington opened the scoring without celebration, before Theo Robinson and Jordan Rhodes added two more.

And as full-time approached with the score at 3-0, Danny Drinkwater curled in a beautiful free-kick before Gary Roberts cleverly chipped fon Williams from 20 yards. Yes, after being given the freedom of Edgeley Park.

Sub Lee Novak then scored from the spot as Sam Barnes hacked down Roberts in the area.

Please go Gary.


11 Replies to “‘Here’s To You, Jimmy Gannon’…”

  • ablett take the Taxi + just fek off, ur totally inept at football management, ur the worst manager in our history, get lost the local paperboy cud do alot better…

  • It would be far better if Gary just did the right thing and kept his pride and dignity intact and left with grace – i am sure, once the wounds have healed, county fans are a forgiving lot – and we know the ***** he has been dealt. I dunno, it just seems that hanging on for the sake of hanging on increasingly looks like holding on for the sake of a pay check. Face it we’re ***** and have only gotten worse.

    It is not good for the club and honestly it is not good for Gary in the longer term. A graceful exit rather than being told pack yer bags is better and more respectful for all involved.

  • Totally agree Phil, just why is he still here, its gotta be the pay as no-one else will give him a chance after this balls up. He ruined the Liverpool youth team for a season + hasnt done much better here, yes his hands are tied but he is solely responsible for the sadly lacking team tactics + performances!!!!!

  • 2 Words – absolutely disgraceful!!! Administration, lack of funds, uncertain future – no excuse. What about the shirt, 3 final games to at least restore some pride but no, the club is a laughing stock – Even Darlington (in admin and now relegated from the League) managed to put on a show and beat Rochdale the other week. Im sorry but despite all the problems Gary Ablett has proved that he cannot motivate players and has to go. Remember another 6-0 defeat some years ago and the manager walked!!! Come on May 13th, 2015 and Mr G!

  • Glad I missed it yesterday. Just how empty was the Cheadle End? This result will have damaged the prospects for the 2015 group surely, Jim Gannon or no Jim Gannon? My local in Offerton was a sober place last night. So many people were saying that they had lost their faith and that no ST would be renewed next season come what may. Who will be in charge for Southen and Tranmere I wonder?

  • In the past I have s*******ed (wrongly) at the plight of other clubs who were broke, or just plain awful and s*******ed (wrongly) at some local away games as the blue and white army descended and out-supported the home team.
    Today the boot was well and truely on the other foot. I cannot remember a worse display in terms of effort from a County side. To see the Hudders fans all over the pitch at the end, to sit in a largely empty Cheadle End at the final whistle, to reflect on an absolute mauling was the lowest point I have EVER experienced as a County fan. Worse than Macc 6 County 0. Worse then letting in 5 at Turf Moor. We are a music hall joke at the moment. The new owners have one hell of a job to stop the descent of this club and yesterday has oly made things harder. If Jim Gannon returns, do not think the good times will start from day one. We may have a fight to stay in League Two next season.

  • let the Youth Team play out the remainder of the season i say, they may or may not get beaten but atleast we will get a performance not like the current crop who arent fit to wear the shirt never mind grace the park….

  • All season I have backed Ablett through all the s**t he has had to put up with regarding Melrose giving him false promises, lack of equipment etc. But there I absolutely not excuse for his tactical nous, or lack of, the lack of motivation from him and the players and an inability to learn from the mistakes the team makes time and time again.

    I no some people are criticising Perkins for the second goal but when u have no outlet to play the ball to then what else can u do when your been pressured, and the fact Robinson was offside. But what frustrates me more than anything is that most of all is that, despite the fact we are 2/3 nil down the players still dont bother to up the game and play for pride.

    I cant for the life of me think of a time when I have been so embarrassed to be a County fan and I hope for the sake of the club that we play with pride in the next 2 games and that the 2015 group can come in make the changes necessary to keep the club a success on and off the pitch.

  • Agreed with all you lot. The songs about Gannon from the Cheadle End were NOT designed to stab Ablett in the back, merely a build-up of the past 10 months of ****e and a plea to Jimbo to come home…which he will do.

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