Date: 30th March 2008 at 12:25am
Written by:

Just a final note of the day, before we go into British Summer Time, I thought I would give Mr Ian Williamson the attention and love that he so obviously craved at the Deva Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

He graced the pitch like a steward at the back of the Cheadle End. He was waiting his opportunity. He was just craving that pint of cordial orange juice watching the referees favourite Manchester United, and to do so he had to postpone the game.

So as you all go to bed, and get an hours extra sleep at no extra cost tonight, I’d just like to thank Ian Williamson for ruining 3783 (and the rest) people’s Saturday afternoons and their money.

Congratulations Ian. Well done. Bravo.

I hope Ian is proud of his fantastic decision to call the game off, truely well done.

And to finish it off, a quote from Mr Jim Gannon.

‘All the professionals were game enough to carry on, but the amateur wasn`t.’

P.S. Should Ian be sad enough to search his name on Google and find this article, then I’m really sorry. Honestly. We’ll give you two pints of orange if you give us a penalty in the re-arranged game. Honest. Cheers.