Date: 25th November 2010 at 6:52pm
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County boss Paul Simpson has tore a strip and a half off his squad after a 5-0 thumping at the hands of impressive Port Vale at Edgeley Park on Tuesday night.

The defeat, our fourth 5-0 loss of the season and third this month, came as County had Manny Assoumani sent off for a ‘professional foul’, as we conceded a penalty in either half.

And Simpson made no effort to disguise his disgust at his side, as he let rip just half an hour after the match.

“I don’t know where they think they’re going to go or how long they think their careers are going to last if they keep churning out performances like that.”

“People have to take responsibility for themselves, for their lives, for their profession and for the shirt they’re wearing.”

“You don’t have to be a Stockport County fan to take pride in your performance but I don’t think anyone can be proud of their performance tonight”.

“We showed a side of the character in the squad that unfortunately has been evident too many times over the last month or so.”

“If thats the mentality that is going to keep surfacing I think we’ve got to be prepared for a few more of these hidings.”

The ex-Shrewsbury manager’s departing shots were perhaps the most telling of his whole rant though.

“The fans wouldn’t appreciate it if I came out and pretended I was loving it and we were unlucky to be losing 4 and 5-0, and I’m not going to lie to them because I’ve got massive respect for how they’ve stuck with the club over the past two years when the average fan would have walked away. It’s very tough managing this football club, I’m finding it very tough.”

“But we’ll keep going, don’t worry about that.”


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  • Its all very well being sickened Mr Simpson but you bought alot of these excuses for players and have to bear much of the blame for this abysmal bunch of no hopers who are a total utter disgrace to the shirt, the supporters and the town – what a total joke you all are!!! Any team coming to EP is now virtually guaranteed 3 points – the club is the laughing stock of the Football league. I admit that I dont go to games as often as maybe I should but I am not wasting good money on a ticket and travel from Northwich to watch this excuse for a team. You must take much of the blame Mr Simpson – an average of less than 1 goal a game, the worst defence in the league etc etc says it all. Even Gannon couldnt teach this bunch of monkeys how to play!! Its the Conference by Christmas and well deserved. This is now worse than the Palmer / Turner years – very very sad.

  • Reading Simpsons words a couple of times… does it seen to anyone he has nothing more to offer? It almost like he is saying “You lot are ****” … “Not my fault”… “what more can I do?”. Will Simpson still be here come January 1st? I am beginning to wonder though I think it will be too late then for any new manager. Looking grim.

  • From now on when the players run out on the pitch they should run out to the tune ‘Send in the Clowns’. I also think we should change from wearing Blue as non of them are fit to wear our colours, more like yellow for Cowerdice, Clueless, Gutless + Spineless. Simmo you brought most of that team in take em with you!!!! For Sale 11 donkeys curfently grazing on Edgeley Park..

  • Lol FRM – like it. Having said that, we have a bot of a rest now then Northampton away. A solid 0-0 there and then back to EP for the big game against Crewe … we are bound to win and then we are knocking on mid table.
    Section me under the Mental Health act 1983?

  • Simmo used the wor “Sickened” to describe his feelings on the Vale performance I have a feeling he will soon hear a word similar to that that starts with an S ends with a D has a CK in the middle with vowels to fill in between…SACKED…. I hope he doesn’t get sacked at the moment cause his players are garbage though on saying that he actually brought quite a lot of those players in himself so come on Simmo get your finger out

  • Come on 2015, lets be hearing from you, since Mr Connelly left the fans have been kept in the dark!!!!!! Or are you waiting for us to fall into the Conference???

  • The break this weekend may be a massive blessing. Any injury niggles time to clear up and get us as close as we can to having a full squad to pick from. I feel this is the last chance Simmo will get. Get his first XI in his head. Drill the ***** out of the back four. Pump them up with as much confidence as possible and then back into battle. We must not be adrift at the bottom by January. December is make or break for me.

  • All the above comments are statements of how our club is in a demise. It seems that the fans can see the problems , even looking in from the outside. How Simmo and the rest of the staff are not able to see what is happening within this club is just beyond believe. Yes I also think that we are now worse than last year when the admin people were running the club. WHY? We have got a new manager who has spent a lot of money for wages on new players that are just not performing. The majority of these players are what he has brought in and are just nor good enough. Simmo it’s no good saying that you are sickend by the way they are playing. You are the Manager, together with the training staff are fully responsible for this shambles of a team. You can’t blame anyone else for this. How come other teams have brought in players, loan and permanent sigings and improved the way they play. These players were available to County but you choose to sign the ones that no body else wants.
    All this talk here about Jim Gannon perhaps coming back. Let me tell you that will not happen because we still have people running this club who are not able to plan for success. I doubt that Jim would want to come back here under the present regime.
    So we are stuck with what we have. A total inept Manager, players and board that are hell bent on dragging this club back into administration. Perhaps that is what is required for the fans to realise that enough is enough.
    I certainly will not be watching County again until something changes for the better. I have got better things to spend my money on during these hard times. As they say charity starts at home.

  • A very sad post Mazarron Albert but I cannot pick it apart. Feel pretty much the same myself. Cannot see what good the future holds. Is there any direction and leadership within the 2015 group or are they, despite being good in whatever line of business they come from, well meaning amateurs when it comes to running a football club? Are they out of their depth? Can’t really slate them too much as they were the only ones who were prepared to front up and save the club but if only they would bring the fans in on things. Are we OK off the pitch? Or are we heading for bump again? Is there unity with all the shareholders? Or is there a split? What is the vision? Are there some who would see Conference football for a few years acceptable? What happened to Sean Connolly? Are the rumours of Melrose again sniffing around true? Is it true there was a large sum due to the administrators that evaded due diligence and came as a massive unwelcome shock? Will 2015 ever answer an email? Does anyone on board actually know their a*se from their elbow?

    Losing the will to turn up to games now and its not just the dire football, lack of effort from some players, lack of technical nouse, from the gaffer, lack of passion and atmosphere at the games, terrible over-priced food and drink that may go into Sales pockets. No, its the growing feeling that I don’t know what Stockport County stands for anymore and I do not feel part of things.

  • OK.. reading it back I did slag 2015 a bit much there despite not wanting to. If they continue to leave fans in the dark things will continue to fester though.

  • MoorHatter, If the 2015 group had not taken the club over what position would we be in today? My view is that we may have been better off. We could have been playing in leagues lower than the 2 nd division. But I am sure that we would have had players that would be taking pride in playing for this once great club.
    It is very obvious to me that the 2015 group are just local people with no idea of running a football club. I remember the likes of Freddie Pye, Dave Hunt who may have been good business people but were just no good at running our club. The only ones that were upto the job were the Great Victor Bernard, Kirk and Brenden Elwood, yes I know he is the one that got us into this mess when he sold out to Sale Sharks. But he did his best while he was in charge. I think that the latest bunch are here to run this club into the ground. Sorry for being negative but I am just being a realist. It seems that they are just after out hard earned money for their own needs.

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