Date: 22nd August 2007 at 8:35am
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A Vital Stockport County exclusive, as we talk to County left back Michael Rose. Find out how he started his career at Manchester United, aswell as the latest on his injury recovery.

Let’s start at the beginning, who got you into football and who did you support as a young kid?

It was my mum and dad really. My mum knew someone at work who knew of a Sunday league team looking for players. Barr Hill, they played in the Salford League. I grew up supporting Man United, and still do.

Which professional club picked you up and how did they go about it?

I went to Oldham when I was 8. After trials. Then went to United at 10. I had a trial to see if they wanted me to go there.

Did you ever get a chance at United and what was it like there? Were you treated well?

Yeah treated very well, never really got the chance at first team level that was always going to be very difficult! It was great being there as a kid, the best training seeing all your heroes.

You had your first proper long spell at Hereford United, did you enjoy your time there and what was it like playing in the Conference?

I loved my time at Hereford, I really enjoyed my football. There isn’t much difference than playing in the league really, the only thing I could say that was different was the speed of the game, its quicker in the league.

Yeovil obviously then picked you up from there, what is it like moving clubs properly for the first time? Did you have to move house and what was it like for the family?

It was the right move for me at the time, Hereford just missed out on promotion to the league, whereas Yeovil had been in the league for a year. I felt it was right to go and play league football as soon as I could in my career, and they gave me the opportunity to do so. Moving wasn’t a problem, because in football there’s always the chance that you could get a transfer or go on loan, I just think you’ve got to go where the football is.

You were loaned out twice whilst you were at Yeovil, what`s it like being loaned out to a club during the season? Is it hard to fit in with a group of new players in such a short space of time or are you the type that fits in well?

I asked to go out on loan because I wasn’t playing, I’d player nearly 40 games the year before that, then they never played me. Football can be like that sometimes. It didn’t take me long to settle in, I seem to get along with people quite easily, and I’m really easy going which helps.

Jim Gannon then brought you to County, which I assume is closer to where you were brought up? Is it nice being that close and do your family get to come and watch you more often than they would at say Yeovil?

Yeah I grew up with my mum, dad and brother in Swinton, its nice being back up here Yeovil was a long way away, now I can go see my family and friends whenever I want.

I’d say your first season went well at County and you were part of a record breaking team in that nine game run, what would you say was the biggest achievement last season, and which game would you say was the best from a players point of view?

I think finishing just outside the play-offs was a massive achievement, to come from almost being relegated the year before I think it says the club is moving in the right direction. Personally I think our best performance was at home to Swindon, to beat a team who got promoted, 3-0 is a great result, I think we were on top for the whole 90minutes, I enjoyed the Peterborough game too. For obvious reasons.

What’s your view of Jim Gannon’s management style?

I think the gaffer brings a lot of new ideas into training, which helps the lads see and pick out different aspects of there game, I’d say aswell that if anyone has a problem about their game you can just ask him about it, and he’ll gladly show you where your going wrong and tell you how to put it right.

Obviously you suffered a horrific injury last season, what`s it been like on the road to recovery? Does it get lonely at times and did you ever wondered whether you would step foot on a football field again? How long before your back honestly, have you set yourself a target?

It does get lonely at times, but I’ve remained positive and kept on telling myself the quicker I do this, the quicker I`ll get back out there. I’m hoping to get back into full training by the middle or end of September and hopefully play again in October.

Rodger Wylde is a County legend and has been at the club for donkey’s years, obviously he is a good guy to have around. You’ve probably got to know him a bit better in the last few months! What’s he like with the players?

Rodger is brilliant!! He knows when to push you and he also knows when you need a rest. He likes to have a laugh and a joke, so long as you do the work he asked. It`s not easy being injured, Rodger always makes sure we are working hard to back to full fitness.

Paul Tierney has come in on loan to cover for you whilst your injured, what have you made of his performances so far this season?

I think he has done really well, I’ve known Paul for years and he always seems to do well, it should be good competition when I`m back.

What have you made of County’s start to the season, and what do you believe we can do for the rest of the season?

I think we’ve started really well, pre-season went well then winning the 1st league game always puts confidence into a team, it was a difficult game at Chesterfield, but another home game on sat get another win and it should put us right up there.


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