Date: 22nd November 2007 at 2:21pm
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Jose Mourinhooooo, Jose Mourinhoooo.

There it is, thats my choice for the new man to take over England. How can we really see anybody else? He has come over and transformed the game in the country, he ran the league for two years and only left because Sir Moanalot managed to get a bit lucky with one or two signings.

It was coming to be fair to McClaren. Even a non-Football fan could spot it a mile off. Watching England was like watching Middlesbrough under McClaren. Boring and pointless.

I went out to a mates last night to watch it, but I would have rather stayed in and watched Heroes or something good on the TV.

Even the friendlies are pointless, you expect to see exciting attacking football as teams look to experiment, but you get boring McClaren taking his team to boring Austria, playing a boring formation and hoofing it to Peter Crouch for 90 minutes.

England fell apart when they drew against Macedonia at home. As the Croatian boss said a group that has Israel and Macedonia as its 4th & 5th teams is going to be a tough group, and it was. The fact is put England into Scotland’s group, and we wouldn’t have been even competing for a spot on Saturday – we would have been out long before that.

People talk about ‘we should organise a British Isles tournament next summer’ well thats just pointless. It would be embarrassing because we’d probably get beat off Scotland and Wales, and probably off Northern Ireland. OK we lost to Northern Ireland under Sven, but we beat Wales and Northern Ireland three out of four times in our World Cup qualifying campaign.

Yes the managerial appointment of Steve McClaren was wrong, but the problem is much deeper. It lies within the players in the team and within the FA.

There is no solution though, English people are like that. We just won’t be the best and it will have to be a fact that we are going to have to accept in the future.

Our players aren’t good enough, and it isn’t too do with the amount of foriegners in the Premiership. Take them out and it won’t make a difference to the quality of the national team. All it will be is that more obscure crap English players will be competing against Gerrard and Terry – as a result Gerrard and Terry will become worse and other national teams will benefit even further.

You have to have the best players in your league to ensure competition. What would Steven Gerrard rather be doing? Testing himself against Cesc Fabregas and Michael Essien, or testing himself against Giles Barnes and Jason Koumas. Which one is going to bring the better out of our Stevie?

And on another point, the English don’t play football. Croatia got it down last night and they passed it, they passed it on the floor, and they ran with the ball. English players don’t do that, its all about strength and being brutal. That isn’t how you succeed in international Football.

The conclusion of all this? Well there isn’t really a conclusion to be totally honest. Get Mourinho in and see where we go from there, we need some direction firstly and we might get somewhere. We’ve got three or four world class players on their day, so lets build on that eh?


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  • The players don’t seem to care or have any fight.
    The appointment of Steve Mclaren was a farce, we need to start playing football and stop playing the “big players” because they are the “big players” and pick the team based on recent performances

  • “The appointment of Steve Mclaren was a farce” Agree mate. Thye FA need to swallow thier pride and appoint the best manager available and not just because of their nationality.

  • I have had £20 on Mourinho as soo as McClaren was sacked at 6/1. He is by far the best man for the job.

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