Date: 29th August 2011 at 4:40pm
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County have been handed their first defeat of the season after a lethargic display against Mansfield Town at Edgeley Park today.

In the early kick-off on the day, a second-half strike from Luke O’Neill gave the Stags all three points and their first away win of the season up against Didi Hamann’s side.

There was no real energy or urgency from The Hatters, and Hamann addressed that post-match when he confirmed that the club were looking at bringing in a striker this week.

The attack of Chadwick, Gritton, Chamberlain (albeit temporarily), and Elliott seems toothless and one of the big problems in this side is the lack of a goalscorer.

Skipper Danny O’Donnell impressed again alongside ex-Peterborough Utd man Carl Piergianni, and those two look to be forming a solid partnership at the back.

Another issue is that we looked lightweight throughout today, debutant Jon Nolan realistically looking one of the few who fancied getting stuck in to the visitors.

We’re still in the ‘gelling period’ where new sides take around ten games to gel as a unit etcetera, and we’ve only lost the once, so it’s hardly a disaster – but Hamann and assistant Willie McStay will have to address the issue of another striker coming in ASAP if we have any REALISTIC (being the operative word) expectation of keeping up with the top ten.



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  • We need an out & out goal scorer (Gritton is not the man for me) & a bit of beef in the middle of the park knocked of the ball to easy, on the plus side the 2 centre half’s look solid very impressed with them. Still better football than last term. Still early days but we don’t want to fall too far behind.

  • That is how I saw it too footballtaz1. I think there is not too much wrong. A decent striker and we will be OK. Mid table or just above. Do for me given the last two years. Not down, not depressed. The problem must be obvious to Didi so…..

  • @cropped yes Didi must know as Tony Evens has put on Twitter that he will have someone in by time the window shuts so at least he is acting as well.

  • bugger but hey we had to drop points sometime and only lost by the odd goal. Not exactly a disaster. Had to work today as we don’t get the bank holiday so I hope the game wasn’t too dour. Bring on the hatters from Luton.

  • Yeah we need an out & out goalscorer indeed. Losing to Mansfield with them being no where near as fit as us is a worry.

  • Ditto Kremb…sadens me greatly that teams like ugly football Mansfield turn us over, what is wrong with our club?? there seems to be a defeat culture/mentality that has been here for the last 3 years or so. Mansfiled were a poor poor unfit outfit (did you see the size of their reserve goalkeeper? at least 4 stone over weight?.
    I so hope Tony Evans stays as I feel 100% he will be fantastic for us. I am guessing that Luton will be a fit strong outfit so Friday is going to be difficult at best. McConville looked to have nothing whatsover to me, I thought he was going to be a midfield general bossing the game…must have got my wires crossed somewhere. If he is a winger then so am I, goodness me we have fallen so far, I feel totally embarrassed where we are now and the likes of nothing supported Macclesfield are still in league two. Sorry about the rant guys but the standard of football in this league is horrendous at best

  • The standard of referees / linesmen are jaw-dropping too. Try to enjoy it Edgeley. We will be back .. even if it takes 5 years.

  • Thanks for the comment Moorhatter and so agree with your comment on referees/linesman -goodness me they are poor- I dont even rate Howard Webb personally, this game is all about opinions and if Webb is premier standard then what chance league two/BSP refferees.
    I dont respect referees and I dont abuse them at games either as that is wrong and doesn’t get you anywhere anyway but there isn’t any doubt that they are consistently jaw droppingly poor blending in perfectly with the standard of football in the BSP

  • that was a shamefull display. Its not being beaten that bothers me but too many of those players out there gave the impression that they did not give a toss. As for the tactics, Hamman should remember that this is not the Premiership or even the football league. The short passing game to the extent that we appear to be trying to play is beyond many players at this level. If they had the skill to play it they wouldnt be playing at this level. Most teams at this level play with wide players who can put in a decent cross. The most worrying aspect for me is why so many of the players not appear to be putting in a shift. Could it be something to do with whats going on (or should I say, not going on) in the board room.

  • Norwiks is right, we need to get it down the side, but cross to who? gritton is past it and elliot cant do it o his own. COWs is quiet again not a single item yesterday and we know what that means………………..

  • Ye I agree Edgeley the football in this league is so s**t to its highest level. Only one more game I’m going to be going to this season and the rest live stream. Our players better buckle in and start driving fast because I don’t want to watch football like this, or referee performances.

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