Date: 29th August 2013 at 7:48am
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Tonight was a landmark occasion in Stockport County history, as in a packed meeting room in the Blossoms Hotel, supporters from all sections of the Clubs fantastic fan base ,at last united, in the interest of saving our wonderful football club.

It was agreed from the onset that the situation was urgent and unity essential if progress was to be made.

That said full discussion was allowed and various view points aired, but it is fair to say a huge measure of unanimity reigned at the end of a very productive evening.

The following priorities were agreed upon:-

There was an urgent need to attempt to secure Edgeley Park as a Community Asset.

The loss of ownership of EP was undoubtedly the single most potent factor in sending County on their current horrendous downward spiral.

As a first step to reversing this ,and safeguarding the supporters and therefore the Club`s chances of getting ownership of the ground back, making Edgeley Park a Community Asset was an essential starting point.

It was made clear that the Stockport Council was likely to be receptive to such a move which should be made as soon as possible.

In this respect it was noted that the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative already had this matter in hand and were well progressed in finalising an application.

The Coop also had a secure bank account which ,for legal reasons, can only be used to purchase assets (i.e. Edgeley Park or Shares in the Club)

With Help the Hatters indicating a willingness to make funding of £1000 available to the Coop to assist it’s further work, it was agreed that the meeting …..

Urge all supporters to join the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative as the best vehicle available to supporters to further their aims and interests.

It was felt that the Coop`s established legal structure, and links with Supporters Direct, offered supporters protection and security. Further information as to how supporters might do this will follow

The final business of the meeting was to agree on a leadership to carry agreed policy out.

After discussion a Committee of 5 was agreed upon……Mary McGhee, Martin White, Paul Charnock, Dave Schofield and John Fitzpatrick.

In addition John Fitzpatrick and Dave Schofield are authorised to meet Brian Kennedy and/or the Council to discuss Edgeley Park ownership.

Having had a measure of scepticism pre-meeting as to the likely outcome I must say I was mightily impressed by the general willingness to think outside the usual boxes.

The result was some very positive decisions.

In the 5 names mentioned above we have the leaders to inspire and turn theses decisions into positive actions.

Get involved…..join us….join the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative .

County Supporters Co-op

Ian Brown