Date: 7th February 2012 at 11:47pm
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The first game I ever saw at Edgeley Park, still resonates in my memory. A paltry crowd gathered to welcome Lincoln City and team favourites such as Osher Williams, Tommy Sword and my personal favourite Steve Sherlock strutted their stuff on the less than fabled grass. A less than exhilarating shoreline of 0-0 was the end result, and as my first taste of professional football, it could have sent me back to rugby or to the higher divisions in search of glory and happiness.

But no, I was hooked. The meagre crowd of just under 2000, cheered on their heroes, as if in a Wembley Final. The journey from Chelford to Stockport on British Rail, and looking out of the window at the floodlights of Edgeley Park, are still clear in my memory.

There were more bad days than good, but when I look back on those Danny Bergara days, I still tear up at the sight of Dave Jones and Jim Gannon laying the flowers down with the simple word ‘Danny’ on the turf. It takes me back to the days when County used to go to the Isle of Man for pre-season and we would play the likes of Carlisle, Stoke and Wrexham. I even remember Jim Gannon, while watching the other teams play, come onto the terraces and buy me and the lads a cup of tea; chatting for a while and then, moving on. Moments like this, will stay with me forever.

Listening to Danny ex tole the virtues of a young Alun Armstrong and smiling at the play of Big Kev, while talking about the ‘ghost’ that is Jim, scoring again at the far post; ensure that no matter what happens, be it Blue Square or Premier League, that County will be in my heart. I remember the trips to Wembley and the ultimate, when promotion to the ‘big leagues’ finally came our way. I remember Andy Kilner launching long throws and scoring great goals. I remember David Frain and Peter Ward running midfield, as well as Lampard and Gerrard on their day. I see goal after goal flying in from Kevin Francis and I chuckle now when I see him wearing a cop’s uniform in Canada.

So many good memories, blighted only by the odd bad memory, but then again as a fan, I am biased against the bad and only see the good. Days of Mcilroy, Megson and Jones running the show, seem so far away. The coming, then going, then coming of Jim Gannon, leaves me to think there is hope after all. I hate to see the boys struggling in the Blue Square Premier. I long for the matches under the lights on a Friday night.

I long for Andy Preece to swivel and hit a first timer with his left into the net. I long for Neil Edwards flying to his left, and turning the ball around the post for a corner. I know those days are gone and the strains of ‘Danny Bergara’s Blue and White Army’ can no longer be heard, except in the deep recesses of my mind.

Indeed very little can be heard as crowds dwindle and my work has taken me to Boston in the USA. I trawl the Internet daily for news of The County. I watch the text on sky’s score centre deliver the news of a goal conceded in the 90th minute, to take away a deserved County win, but above all, having ‘Big’ Jim back in charge gives me hope of a brighter future.A return to those halcyon days from yesteryear. I know Danny Bergara is looking down and wishing the boys in blue his best and he and I both know, that with one of his favourite sons in charge, there is a chance, a small one none the less, that brighter days lie ahead.



  • Great read Alex. Friday nights are County nights for me too. 2000 gates, huddled together on a freezing Popside. A drink before and after then off to Quaffers in Bredbury. Where does the time go?

  • Nice Piece Alex, I go back even further to the days when Trevor Porteous ran things. However fear not ‘Danny Begara’s Blue & White Army’ is still heard regularly these days and the Cheadle End despite being fewer in number is still in full voice and the envy of many.

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