Date: 15th July 2011 at 11:27pm
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Ryan Lowe has taken to Twitter to rule out a transfer to ‘ambitious’ County, after The Hatters had three bids turned down for the 32 year-old.

Lowe posted a string of mesages on his account late tonight after a 4-1 friendly defeat at home to Everton for The Shakers – and the forward didn’t seem too happy with the security of his future at Bury.

‘Stockport is a no go, but they’re very ambitious and I wish them good luck in getting back into the league!’

This was the main message in amongst a few in which Lowe stated he only had a year left on his Bury contract and that he needed his future sorting ‘ASAP’ amid a bid from Tranmere Rovers.

* Also tonight, County earned a 1-1 draw with New Mills – trialist and soon-to-be new signing Leighton McGivern scored the equaliser for Didi Hamann’s side.


27 Replies to “Lowe Rules Out County Move”

  • Not too fussed. 32 year old and big dosh…. not for us. If he was 5 years younger maybe. Anyway 1-1 draw at New Mills… what will this season bring? Not going to be a disaster on the pitch anyway I think.

  • @cropped i agree with you, 32 year old up front not for us need a bit of young blood up there and looking at the misses last night we need someone before start of season.

  • I agree also haha. Bit too old for my liking. If he was free that’s one thing, but I think there’s better targets than a 32-year old for £100k.

  • Y ou are right cropped, it is a lot of money for a player that was here a couple of years ago and even then he had a job to get into the first team. As Kremb says there are better players around for the kind of money that Bury are looking for.

  • @Cropped apart from Evans saying he knows of Vaughan, as of yet we do not know if he is involved and if he is you would think the football league would have stopped the take over unless they dont have the power to stop take over’s?? a lot of if’s & buts, but I do agree we do need to be worried if he is involved and if he is what can we do to stop him killing our club????

  • Reading between the lines I don’t think anyone can stop him. If he gets rattled and pulls the pin where are we? As long as the money is rolling in he is seen by some as the best thing since sliced bread, but!!!!!, we need to be very wary. The draw last night, any good? anything to get excited about?

  • Will be going to the home friendlies to get my first look, and leave all the stuff about who knows who until something happens. when do you think the County site will get updated? still showing last years team? start showing bluesquare info?

  • My brother went to the New Mills game. He tells me we were marginally the better side. Remember through they are 2 divisions below us (I think). We need another 6 solid signings to make any impact on the Conference. Still time… maybe we will get 3 or 4 in next week? As for the new owner – what can we do – hold on tight and hope we enjoy the ride.

  • Lowe was with us under Gannon for a short time and he was garbage so dont want in at SCFC, Yes I know his record last season at Bury but why are they keen to let him go?
    We need some more signings for sure

  • Really, really believe that we should be going all out to bring back young Matt Paterson to County – he would obliterate the BSP. Southend don’t want him – can’t we do a deal Didi???????

  • You ar eright Pato, Paterson would be a tremendous player in the BSP. Wonder if he is on the radar right now?

  • Just over 2 weeks until the start of the season and we still don’t have a full team never mind a squad. After all the excitement after the “takeover” it seems things are looking alot more gloomy again!!

  • Really startinig to worry about the squad that we currently have. We need another two CB’s a right back at least another winger and does anyone know if we’ve moved for Matt Paterson yet?

  • Jeeeeeeez what the hell is going on!!!!!? why dont we have a team at the moment? no news on players coming in and even this site hasn’t been updated in weeks

  • Glad there’s someone still out there!

    Disappointing to see no real new faces at the club although I understand Chadwick will join today. Not enough firepower at the club to survive the BSP.

  • well just read the Express and it makes good reading, Mr Evans is saying the right things just hope he deliver’s.

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