Date: 23rd June 2010 at 11:47am
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County Youth Team Coach Craig Madden HAS left the club and joined Fleetwood Town as their new assistant manager.

Town boss Micky Mellon (!) has appointed Madden as his assistant on the back of a move that saw the Blue Square Premier side move ‘to full-time status’ as a football club.

Madden leaves Edgeley Park after 13 and a half seasons with SCFC as youth-team boss, and short spells stepping in as caretaker manager on the many occasions that the Hatters were searching for a new manager.

We expect an appointment on the new manager tomorrow morning.


9 Replies to “Madden Joins Fleetwood Town”

  • Unless County have a very talented youth team coach lined up this is a big blow for the club in my opinion. Whaddya mean he fell out with Gannon last year? Oh… I see.

  • Well vicman… just conjecture. Fleetwood are one league below County and have money to spend. I could imagine Maddon earning more money at Fleetwood and of course it is a step towards full team management…. and yet…. I seem to recall Madden saying he was not interested in management.
    Also I have ‘heard’… just a whisper which could be nonsene of course… that he fell out with Jim. Now, falling out with Jim appears easy to do and the consequences are usually that those who do not see eye-to-eye have to move on. That would pre-suppose Gannon is coming back.
    What with Des Hinks given his cards and rumours that Roger Wylde now off (anyone confirm?) people are assuming there is a clear out / settling of scores going on. Do not know for certain but change is certainly afoot. In the case of Madden I feel it is going to be hard to replace him. Time will tell though!

  • Cropped, thanks for that but I’m now slightly disturbed. If I’m getting this wrong please tell me but reading between the lines it appears that anyone who disagrees with JG is up the road. Not good, no one man is bigger than the club and if this is the case then one man has way to much clout, not good I feel in the interest of the club and this is from someone who has sang this man’s praises for the last 3yrs or so. Somewhat disillusioned.

  • Vicman, did not mean to ****** you! I will say from the offset I am a fan of Jim Gannon. He will I think add a thousand to the average gate for starters over any other manager we are likely to get. I have spoken to a few Trust ‘grandees’ who worked with Jim and they have serious reservations about Jim, as from experience they found Jim hard to get on with, intransigent, maybe even stubborn. By and large if you do fall out with Jim you aint gonna be around for too long. Now, that is one side I have heard and I do not disbelieve the folks who have this view. To balance this up.. Jim has high standards, knows how to build as football team, plays the game in the right manner, can improve players and has a track record of turning sows ears into silk purses (I am talking about Jim and his team here).
    I think 90% of fans want Jim back but perhaps not all of them realise there may be a price to pay. So to clarify my feelings. There will be pain but there will be gain. I really believe that we will have a good chance of League One football in three years time with Jim! It is not going to be a dull time IF JG comes back!

  • Cropped sounds like I was picking up more than I should have. As you say it’s going to be a turbulent ride if and when JG takes the helm, but 15:45 thurs. and still nothing on the impending appointment. Thanks for your thoughts

  • Its good to chat vicman! Its now 17:15 Thurs and nowt on the managerial front. Saturday August 7th is Southend away. Thats just what …44 days away! No manager, next to no players. Get a shift on Jim!!!

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