Date: 16th May 2011 at 9:48pm
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Mary Gibbons has, in my humble opinion, lost it. Just a few hours ago over on the popular Yellowboard, Mrs Gibbons contacted the moderator of the messageboard with an attempt to ban NINE certain members from posting on the forum.

She emailed in with a complaint that some of the members were ‘posting nasty comments’ and so were deserving, in her opinion, of an indefinite ban.

In a couple of months which has seen a number of fans protesting vociferously against Gibbons and the 2015 Consortium for their error-prone tenure, Yellowboard has been the focal point with quite a number of members becoming anti-2015.

After the so far unfounded accusations of fans making death threats against Mrs Gibbons, she has now gone over the top with a hurried and frankly incoherent note over on the fans messageboard which states that she wants a ban against the nine certain fans who, in her words, are ‘posting mistruths and nasty comments.’

The attempt was rejected.

Because we live with a thing called freedom of speech, Mary. And until somebody actually DOES come out with a nasty comment, or a death threat (which is completely out of order, in all seriousness) then you cannot ‘gag’ people because you feel like it.

Hopefully this is nothing more than a Last Stand, a last act of defiance by Mrs Gibbons. Because, whatever your opinion on her tenure, this would suggest, in my opinion as always, she has now gone mad.


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  • I read her letter on YB open mouthed and aghast, poor woman has clearly lost the plot. There have been reports of her passing out due to the pressure of running the club so she surely deserves some sympathy but the fact remains that Mary is out of her depth and job is beyond her capabilities. Please Mary there is no shame in admitting that and stand down for your own sanity if not for Liver’s, Helen’s etc on YB. I regularly read YB but can’t be bothered to register on it because a tad cliquey and sad with constant ‘marsdens’ but admire the efforts of many of those named by batty Mary.

  • With respect is it time for Mary to go?. I know that if I got death threats???? and supposedly bad press from the fans I would certainly review my situation. Nothing is worth that kind of hassle

  • lets hope she doesnt stand down at the moment cos theres no-one to take her place

  • The mind boggles! It’s the first time I’ve looked at the message boards – wow – there are some vitriolic people out there!! All with the idea of ‘Get Mary Out’ but not one person has suggested who (in their right mind) would actually take over!

  • Its all well and good screaming for Mary to go and if she does go what then!!?????????????
    For goodness sake are the moaners Macclesfield fans in disguise!!! are they just trying to see us go under?????

  • This statement, issued at 1.50pm on Wednesday, 18th May, 2011, will be presented to all Stockport County shareholders at 2pm before the start of the shareholders meeting.

    It is with considerable regret and sadness that I have decided to resign my position of vice chair lady of Stockport County, with immediate effect. I have, along with my husband Tony, also resigned as a director of Stockport County with immediate effect.

    We would like to thank all those supporters who have loyally backed our club during this particularly difficult season. Relegation has broken all our hearts; we share the anguish it has caused – not only for the fans but also for all those wonderful people who work so tirelessly behind the scenes. We particularly thank them for their loyalty.

    County’s future now rests with the other board members, who we urge to act in the best interests of the club at all times.

    We are fully aware of on-going discussions that we believe will secure the club’s future and provide an exciting foundation on which to rebuild County. We urge the current board and shareholders to do everything in their power to bring these discussions to a positive conclusion. Tony and I will remain County fans, and look forward to being able to watch the club we love prosper in the coming years. It has been a privilege to work for such a wonderful club and it will remain an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with our wonderful fans next season.

    Mary Gibbons

  • Let’s see what happens now then!! Read in the stockport express that a manager will be announced early next week

  • A couple of points;
    First Mary and Tony have done the right thing and I trust they will be welcomed back to Edgeley Park with open arms as fans. They did their best but it really was not good enough – no shame in that.
    Secondly, it has been widely rumoured (yes only a rumour) that a certain James Gannon would not even think of coming back if the Gibbons were in charge. If Jim is considering coming back then I would ask as an ordinary fan that he shows his hands NOW and not drag any process on and on and on.
    Thirdly, about this site. I think everyone I have seen contributing and often not agreeing has done so in a friendly way – this is what I like about this place. All County fans have to stand together like never before now so I say thanks to Vital for ‘keeping it real’ and somehow avoiding some of the more fractious folk.
    If this carries on I might even buy my season ticket! COME ON COUNTY !!!!!

  • Totally agree with you cropped in the Stockport express today its says there are 4 front runners for the managers job obviously Ray Mathias, Mike Newell who was ex Grimsby and Luton boss, John Beck ex Cambridge and Jim Gannon who apparently threw his hat into the ring last week also says they are going to announce the managers job early next week

  • Well said cropped. I second the sentiments that I truely hope that Mary and Tony are welcomed back at County and thank them for their efforts over the last 12 months. And as for the comments on this site – people seem to come come up wit well balanced arguments. As for the next Manager – I’d like us to keep faith with Mathias – give him a go – he showd promised. As for Gannon, each time he’s been between jobs, he has never been away from the club (his hanging around couldn’t have helped matters much in the last few weeks of the season), but he’s had a couple of chances to come back, but decided against it at the last moment. I don’t like the way Jim treats players (and this has been shown with his last 3 jobs which have lasted all of 5 minutes).

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