Date: 9th March 2011 at 6:29pm
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Ray Mathias has taken the Hatters manager job until the end of the season, to be assisted by ex-caretaker boss Peter Ward.

Alan Lord will also assist Mathias, who joined County last month as technical advisor to then-manager Ward.

The club made an official statement a short while ago.

The Board of Stockport County Football Club would like to acknowledge the uncertainty arising around recent First team management affairs.

We can now confirm that Ray Mathias will take charge of First team affairs until the end of the season assisted by Peter Ward and Alan Lord and we can assure all supporters that every effort is being made to ensure stability and cohesion going forward.

We understand the frustration of our fantastic supporters in these times, but please be assured that the Football Club Board of Stockport County are working tirelessly to ensure the future of our Football Club, alongside other shareholders.

Your patience, continued support and understanding is greatly appreciated.



6 Replies to “Mathias Appointed County Boss”

  • To be quite honest I dont think at this stage it matters whos name is on the managers door. The best manager in the world would find it almost impossible to save us from the drop. I like many others at Accrington were gutted at the performance which manifested itself into boos and chants of ‘not fit to wear the shirt’. I dont believe the players arnt trying, at the end of the day they are all playing for contracts at the end of the season either with us or another club. It is in their best interests to give 100%. I think rather than ‘not fit to wear the shirt’ its more a case of ‘not good enough to wear the shirt’. The situation is not helped by the strange tactics we employ. We dont use the width instead we play ourselves into trouble short passing through the middle, we simply are not good enough to use this tactic. Balls into the box from forward wide positions will suit Elding and Patterson far better. At the moment they are chasing shadows. Also why is Poole being stuck on the left. Although the likes of Poole and Griff will give you 100% week in week out, however Darlington in the year they were relegated to the Conference didnt think they were good enough and released them.

  • All fair comment there NE. I am looking to next season now though. Who will own the club? Will we have the finance to compete with BSP clubs or are we looking at another relegation scrap? Will we have a youth set up worthy of its name? Will we even be playing at EP? I know it is a cliche but our gates have held up unbelievably well this season – we – the fans do not deserve this turmoil and chaos. Re: Poole and Griff. I assume their contracts are up at the end of the season – I agree they are suited to the Conference and if they can stomach the pay cut then they could do a decent job for us next season.

  • It was Mathias on the touchline in our last home game with Wardy in the dugout …it was Mathias giving the orders in the last home game with Wardy in the dugout….Mathias was already the boss in my opinion so nothing has changed. We just don’t have the players or the money to improve the squad, goodness know’s where we will be next season …wonder what’s happened to the mystery invester ?! is he melrose in disguise?

  • Sorry but I can’t see the point in this change of managership at this stage of the season. The management team is the same as before the shambles. Changing names in the frames won’t change the way we play. Against Accrington we were losing 3-0 and we take a centre forward to be replaced by another centre forward, should we not have taken a midfielder off instead and then change the shape of how we play? How can we expect to win matches when the players have got the attitude of defending across the pitch? We should be playing with wingers and two forward, the old 4-2-4. Wining games is now a must so anything else except an attacking formation is a non starter.

  • Same old faces just a reshuffle to shift the blame I suppose. Have to agree with MA, totally pointless won’t change the mindset. Spot on about the wingers mate, do we have any? cause at the moment Elding and Paterson are running round like headless chickens with no service from either side. Blue square gets ever closer

  • O’donnell out mani out Rose is a doubt the defence is going to be a real problem today but some good news with Patterson signing til the end of the season and Doble is back from suspension so i’m trying to stay opimistic COME ON THE COUTY!!!!!

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