Date: 25th May 2011 at 2:42pm
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Ray Mathias has been confirmed as the new manager of County, after beating Graham Roberts, Mike Newell and John Beck to the post.

Mathias oversaw an improvement in performances and results as interim County boss over the back-end of last season, but it wasn’t enough to stop The Hatters dropping into non-league football.

THe ex-Macclesfield and MK Dons assistant now has a mammoth task on his hands as he takes over a first-team squad of just five players.

Good luck to Ray. We’ll all be behind you.

Animo Et Fide.


7 Replies to “Mathias Named As Boss”

  • If we are looking to get out of this league at the first attempt then we have to get behind Ray. Depending on the signings that he makes it may not be pretty football to watch but we have apprecitae the very hard task in front of him. We also need that bit of extra luck that has been missing for us over the last few seasons. There must be a time for turning this around, I hope that time has arrived. Good luck Ray for this coming season.

  • For sure MA we have to get behind Ray and as for “pretty football” you may be surprised as to how decent the BSP may be for a large amount of teams.
    It is going to be very very difficult to get results but if we can get the right players in we will have a good shot at it, we should all get behind Ray Mathias.
    Thank goodness Gannon iss’t back at the club as for me that would have been a backward step….good luck Ray

  • I am with you edgeley regarding Gannon. I think that would have been a huge step backwards.
    I was one that liked Wardy last season, although he didn’t do a good job as the manager. Now I think it is time for him to go. I don’t want to see Gannon around the club upsetting things, which I think will happen as long as Wardy is there. Plus I think it would be good for Ray to build his own back room team. We may then see a diiferent type of game from the last few seasons. What ever changing are going to take place over the next few months I am sure that we will see better football with a different attitude on the pitch.

  • Appointing Gannon would have been a heart over head decision designed simply to but backsides on seats and sell season tickets – thank god sense has prevailed and the right man got the job. Re. This weeks Stockport Express – just what were the conditions that Gannon could not or would not accept??? Sorry SCFC SAM, this is in no way Gannon hatred, just pure common sense – he blotted his copy book 3 times since quitting County so there is no unwritten law that says he should have got the job. If I was a potential employer I certainly wouldnt want to employ a man that has been sacked 3 times in last 3 jobs would you?? Mathias is the man, best of luck!! sincerely.

  • I can’t add anything other than I agree with all you guys are saying and they’ve picked the right man in my eyes. Good luck Ray, I think you’re gonna need it.

  • Definitely agree with the Wardy comment form MA for the reasons stated as as long as he remains at the club there will be a Gannon connection and that’s not gonna be good for the club in the long run and concur with rylester that 3 sackings in last three jobs isn’t good on your CV.
    Just hope the club can find investment to move forward with a new stadium being a starter

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