Date: 23rd March 2010 at 9:38pm
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Reports are circulating around various websites and different County fans that the Melrose deal is practically ‘dead in the water’ and other people MUST step in now for any chance of County surviving.

Fans have been contacting Brian Kennedy today in pleas for the ‘sporting philanthropist’ to step in and save County as the Melrose Consortium finally seem to be realising that no deal is possible.

Dave Schofield (Organiser of the Protest March) has been working lately on a ‘project’ of sorts to get together a few people willing to invest and sort out a consortium to buy the club, but he has re-instated many times that he could only step in if the Melrose Group backed down…which APPEARS (!) as if they may be doing now.

Good luck to whoever wants to step in and save our club now.

I must stress that all reports are unconfirmed at the moment, but it doesn’t look that good.

Animo Et Fide.


3 Replies to “Melrose Deal Dead In The Water?”

  • If this is true I have mixed emotions. Happy that a group who I have no faith in have slunk off after wasting a year and of course this period has run down our assets until we are little more than a name. Sh*t scared that we really are now entering last chance saloon. As I think has been said before, time to panic is where there is an appeal to the fans for cash. So… it may be time to dig out those gold soveriegns and gold hooped ear-rings and cash your gold for County.

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