Date: 13th March 2010 at 9:03pm
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Jim Melrose has handed a statement to his ‘legal team’ and will be ready to release it to the County fans tomorrow, we understand.

Melrose has been ‘banned’ from making any sort of statement about his consortium’s bid to take-over the club due to a confidentiality agreement between him and the administrators Leonard Curtis. So it’ll be interesting to see why he can suddenly release a statement – has the take-over been agreed or are they pulling out of the deal etc…we’ll find out tomorrow I guess.

Apparently, this statement will be published tomorrow morning and, though Melrose cannot publish any financial details etcetera about the deal, he is very eager to let County fans know the ‘real truth’ behind the delays and the hold-ups, and I believe Mr Mark Maguire is not shown in the best light.

I do wonder though if it’d come as a surprise to anyone if Melrose’s legal team read over the statement, ripped it up and told the Scotsman to simply calm down..?

Of course, then we’d be left with nothing again. We shall wait and see.

In other news, as County tannoy announcer Kenny Boxshall read out a pre-prepared statement from the club telling us that ‘interested parties were present at the match today’ so to ‘please show your support’, a group of two or three Thai businessmen were at the match in the Directors Box with Maguire and member of the Melrose consortium Mick Horton. They left at half-time.



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  • You’re right Ed, my guess is Melrose’s legal men will hook the statement from publishing.

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