Date: 16th January 2010 at 5:18pm
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The front of Edgeley Park has been plastered in graffiti against Brian Kennedy, the Council and Sale Sharks in general this morning.

Some idiot has decided to spray white spray-paint all the way down the front of EP with slogans like ‘F*ck off Sale’, ‘Kennedy’s a Shark’, and ‘F*ck off Kennedy’.

While many County fans may have been holding these thoughts for a while, surely we must all realise that Kennedy is possibly our last hope..if the Melrose Chancers fail again, our only escape route is through Brian Kennedy. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that he could easily tell us to get lost after stunts like this, though thankfully we can presume that BK has a thicker skin than that!

County fans are gathering at EP outside the Main Stand at around 8am tomorrow morning to get rid of the spray-paint with minimum fuss or before any media outlets (apart from me, obviously!) get hold of the story. Be there if you can, refreshments will be available.

CCTV cameras outside County will hopefully catch the prats who did this, but for now let’s hope it’s just trouble-causing City fans (!)


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  • It could well be City fans. Who’s to say. The speed in which some of our fans have taken it on themselves to buy the necessary materials and assemble early tomorrow morning to paint this stuff out is the real story!

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